The critical reviews start rolling in ahead of the release of Capcom’s seventh installment in its long-running survival-horror franchise, Resident Evil 7.

Without a doubt, ever since Resident Evil 7 was revealed during E3 2016 last year, the survival-horror title has been considered by many to be one of the most highly anticipated video games of 2017, with there being plenty of fans in the gaming world filled with eager excitement for the chance to get their hands on a copy. Now, the long wait for the game’s launch is about to be over, as Resident Evil 7 is set to release tomorrow, January 24, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One, leaving those on the fence about purchasing the title to wonder whether or not it will actually deliver the goods when it goes live.

Thankfully, critical reception from many reputable gaming outlets have already begun rolling in to help fans determine if Resident Evil 7 is up to snuff in terms of its overall quality. According to all of the reviews published so far, it seems as if the majority of critics are in agreement that the seventh installment in Capcom’s long-running survival-horror franchise is not only an excellent release in and of itself, but also just the shot in the arm the whole series needed to keep going.


After its announcement last year, Resident Evil 7‘s developers made sure to mention how the game manages to walk the line in between being both totally familiar and unexpectedly fresh. As far as well-known franchise elements are concerned, Capcom has assured fans that there will be lots of instances of the release going back to the series’ gameplay roots with plenty of exploration and puzzle solving, as well as there being scarce ammunition and items in the title. When it comes to newly incorporated components, however, the developer has definitely made some major departures from previous entries, especially when one takes into account the camera’s placement being set in first-person perspective.

Of course, one of the determining factors in many gaming fans’ final decision to buy Resident Evil 7 on its first day of availability rests within the opinion of industry critics. So, without further ado, read on below to find out what reviewers thought about Resident Evil 7.


Polygon (Philip Kollar)

It’s hard to know if Resident Evil 7 will stand the test of time as much as classics like the original, or RE4. Taken on its own, however, it’s an excellent game that pushes the series in worthy new directions.

Score: 9/10

GameSpot (Scott Butterworth)

By the end of the campaign, I was ready for the game to be over, but that’s okay. RE7 ends just as it starts to outstay its welcome, and after the fact, I felt like I’d survived a truly harrowing journey. The boss fights may be slightly inconsistent and certain sections might drag after a while, but RE7 is still a remarkable success. It has a clear vision and executes it with impressive patience and precision. By returning to horror, Resident Evil has once again become something special.

Score: 8/10

IGN (Chloi Rad)

Resident Evil 7 grounds itself in elements that made the original great while still indulging in a risky new shift in style that both helps and hurts the beloved formula in equal measure. But it’s also the closest a numbered sequel has come to recapturing Resident Evil’s slow, but thrilling and atmospheric adventure game roots in a while — a welcome return that I truly hope to see more of in the future.

Score: 7.7/10


VideoGamer (Alice Bell)

There are some fantastic environments and old school style puzzles in Resi 7. The final section stops being survival horror and becomes a bit of a clunky linear shooter, but the first few hours are scary enough to put you off Louisiana for life.

Score: 7/10

Destructoid (Zack Furniss)

Resident Evil 7 went beyond my expectations, and I feel we have an instant classic here. I want to jump back in right now, and I have a feeling I’ll be doing so for years to come.

Score: 10/10

EGM (Ray Carsillo)

This is easily the best Resident Evil game in years. It masterfully blends Eastern and Western horror sensibilities into a truly terrifying package that also harkens [sic] back to the series’ roots.

Score: 9.5/10


GamesRadar (Leon Hurley)

A brilliant reinvention for the series and great horror game in its own right.

Score: 9/10

Game Informer (Andrew Reiner)

Capcom has successfully reinvented Resident Evil in the past, the most notable deviation being the brilliant Resident Evil 4. This new vision doesn’t reach the same heights of spectacle and gameplay innovation as that breakthrough release, but is a welcome addition to the series (both in terms of gameplay and lore), and a nice entry point for newcomers.

Score: 8.5/10


If the critics are to be believed, then Resident Evil 7 looks to be one of 2017’s first major releases with the potential to absolutely wow fans across the board. With this being the case, there’s a high chance that Capcom will be able to cinch its projection of the game surpassing 4 million units in day one sales.

Taking all of this into consideration, even though there have been reports that Resident Evil 7 can be beat in 10 hours, there are sufficient reasons to dive back into the game again after it has been completed. Not to mention, with Capcom having promised the release of free DLC this spring, Resident Evil 7 fans will surely be kept busy with an excellent assortment of post-launch content for the remainder of the year.

Resident Evil 7 is set to release on January 24, 2017 f0r PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.