Resident Evil 7 Trailers Highlight Puzzles & More


Developer Capcom releases two new trailers for its forthcoming survival-horror title, Resident Evil 7, detailing brief looks at the game's puzzles and more.

Following the release of last week's combat gameplay trailer for Resident Evil 7 that offered fans a grisly look at the game's protagonist Ethan using a pistol to fight off a member of the Baker family, Capcom has decided to continue trickling out information about the survival-horror title through short clips. As a matter of fact, the studio has now released Volume 7 and 8 in the company's video series for Resident Evil 7, with the bits of footage respectively dubbed "A Closer Look" and "Imagination."

As seen in the first trailer for Resident Evil 7 below, fans are given a brief glimpse at how one can pick up and examine objects within the environment. Players can rotate certain items to investigate their exteriors, and at least in the case of the box featured in the clip, some artifacts will give the protagonist the opportunity to interact with them in different ways.


Regarding the clip above, it seems as if the surrounding environment in Resident Evil 7 won't cease while interacting with objects, possibly leaving players open to attack from the title's zombie-like enemies. With this potentially being the case, fans might have to become proficient at investigating at a much quicker rate than they would need to in other games that pause the action for them during the process.

The second Resident Evil 7 trailer, "Imagination," is similar to the "A Closer Look" clip in that it also features rotating objects. However, this specific piece of footage teases what could be an actual puzzle in the game, as it involves shining a light on items like a creepy-looking doll, a knife, a balloon, as well as what appears to be a deconstructed hard drive. Players will apparently use their shadows projected on the wall to work in tandem with a painting of a spider to potentially unlock a secret.


It really should come as no surprise that Capcom would include puzzles in Resident Evil 7, especially since they have been featured in most of the titles since the series' inception. That said, though, it makes sense for the developer to be somewhat cryptic about how they will work in the forthcoming game so as to not ruin the fun of trying to solve them while playing.

Ever since Resident Evil 7's official reveal at E3 2016, Capcom has done a solid job at maintaining the fan base's interest in the title while showing off very little in the way of concrete details. Sure, there have been teases such as giving fans an idea of how the save mechanic will work similarly to previous entries, and even what kind of healing items will be used, but as far as RE 7's actual plot is concerned, Capcom has played it close to the vest. Bearing this in mind, perhaps the studio will eventually build upon some of the story details revealed by the ESRB's rating of the game with a more in-depth trailer in the future.

Resident Evil 7 is set to release on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: Resident Evil — YouTube 1, 2

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