According to Capcom’s official ‘Global Stats,’ around 10% of Resident Evil 7 players are experiencing the first-person horror game through PlayStation VR.

Resident Evil 7 is January 2017’s hit game, it seems. According to early reports, the first-person horror title has shipped as many as 2.5 million units in its first week of release – and the week’s not even over yet. Capcom’s risky decision, to leave behind the hybrid horror-action genre of the past few Resident Evil titles, appears to have paid off. New data from Capcom appears to show that another one of the company’s risky endeavors also appears to be paying off – the addition of VR to Resident Evil 7.

Capcom is constantly updating a Resident Evil 7 “Global Stats” website which shows off a variety of interesting details scraped from players who agree to connect their game online. According to the site, almost 800,000 players have connected their game to Capcom’s online services. That’s certainly not all players, but it’s a large enough segment so as to be representative. And the stat of particular significance is how many Resident Evil 7 players are VR users.

According to the Global Stats, there are currently 73,811 VR users of Resident Evil 7. That’s 9.57% of all online players utilizing Resident Evil 7‘s virtual reality functionality via PlayStation VR. Considering not all Resident Evil 7 players are on PlayStation 4, as they’re spread across PC and Xbox One as well, 10% is a very surprising number. If that rate of VR adoption carries over to the offline player base, and we assume the total amount of players is as high as 2.5 million, Capcom could be seeing as many as 250,000 PlayStation VR players of Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7 PS VR - Stats

Of course, reaching that 250,000 number makes quite a few assumptions in Resident Evil 7‘s favor. Still, 250,000 is a impressive best case scenario. For one, 2.5 million shipped isn’t 2.5 million sold. Second, the demographics between VR players and those willing to connect their game to Capcom’s online tracking probably cross over. Whereas offline players are likely less interested in more niche options like online stat tracking and VR.

The Global Stats page has plenty of more interesting figures to ponder over on top of the VR stats. For instance, 87% of doors opened by players are closed afterwards. Many of the other stats are a bit spoiler-y, especially ones that require that players login and show their Resident Evil 7 progress to even view. Feel free to head over to the Resident Evil 7 Global Stats page to see those stats.

Resident Evil 7 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Virtual reality is only available via PlayStation VR.