Resident Evil 7 Producer Reveals His Favorite Moments


With Resident Evil 7 having received plenty of positive reviews and continuing to see respectable sales figures, Capcom and the game's developers have decided to celebrate the title's success by giving fans a peek behind the curtain with a multi-part series of making-of features detailing the survival-horror release's creation. During the latest entry in the series of behind-the-scenes videos, "Welcome to the Family!", the project's executive producer, Jun Takeuchi, reveals some of his favorite moments within the game. But be forewarned–some of his descriptions could involve spoilers for those who have yet to play the game.

One of the first portions of Resident Evil 7 that Takeuchi has a penchant for is the dinner scene involving the protagonist Ethan being forced to eat with the game's supernatural Baker family. Interestingly enough, according to the RE7 executive producer, the final outcome of the meal with the Baker clan could have been completely different, as Jack and Marguerite had originally been a more loving couple during one of the script's earliest drafts.

"We've created all kinds of different scenes for Resident Evil 7, and I have several favorites. One is where the Baker family sit around the table and invite Ethan to join them for a meal, and a shocking dinner scene takes place.

"We actually redid that scene from scratch. The original version of the scene was rather different: Jack and Marguerite were originally more of a happy couple. But I thought as a horror game it was the wrong direction, and the director, [Koshi] Nakanishi, was in complete agreement with me."

Another favorite scene of Takeuchi's involves the main character Ethan's wife, Mia, showing how much she loves him by saving him while he's trapped in the Baker manor. Rather than save herself and escape on her own, the executive producer enjoys how much she cares for the protagonist by sacrificing herself to help him escape.

"Another scene that I like is one which shows how much Mia loves Ethan. Ethan is trapped, and Mia rescues him and stays behind and sends him off to escape. I think this scene nicely showed the love between the two of them.

"It shows that even in a horror game like Resident Evil 7, we have to remember how important the bonds are between people. If you just slightly twist them, you end up with something like the crazy world of the Baker family, but with this scene, I wanted to say that at heart, people do have these feelings for each other, and it's one of my favorite scenes."

Taking all of this into consideration, while Takeuchi's favorite scenes within Resident Evil 7 are definitely fantastic, as they deal with the complexities involved with interpersonal relationships during terrifyingly trying times, a lot of fans would likely say that their most preferred moments in the survival-horror game involve the title's more frightening gameplay elements. After all, the horror aspects of RE7 have led many to call the title one of the scariest entries in the Capcom franchise yet, which certainly sets the bar high for the series' next sequel.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: Resident Evil – YouTube

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