Fans in the United States who pre-order Resident Evil 7 will be given a digital copy of Screen Gems’ Resident Evil: Retribution starring Milla Jovovich.

Now that Resident Evil 7‘s release date is a little more than a couple of weeks away, it’s safe to presume that Capcom will kick its marketing campaign for the game into overdrive in order to ensure that the title sells well upon launch. With that being the case, the publisher and developer recently revealed a deal that will give fans a free digital film code for the 2012 movie Resident Evil: Retribution starring Milla Jovovich if they pre-order Resident Evil 7 via the Xbox Store or through GameStop in the US.

As announced by Capcom, fans who pre-order Resident Evil 7 are not only privy to the free digital download code for the movie, but also will be eligible to receive the game’s Survival Pack bonus, which will pony up four different load-outs for the title in the form of the Recovery Set, Handgun Set, Burner Set, and Chem Fluid Set – each of which contains items like the medicinal green healing herbs in the Recovery Set, and red boxes of ammunition in the Handgun Set. Furthermore, those who have already pre-ordered the game shouldn’t worry about missing out on these offers, as the movie and Survival Pack extras still apply to them.

However, it must be noted that those who pre-order Resident Evil 7 through the PlayStation Network will be given a different deal. For instance, instead of getting Resident Evil: Retribution for free, they will receive a coupon code for 40% off from the PlayStation Store for the previous five Resident Evil movies in HD, which will be bundled together in the Resident Evil Collection.


When it comes to retrieving the copy of Resident Evil: Retribution after pre-ordering RE 7 at GameStop for PS4 or Xbox One, a redemption code will be printed on the receipt when the game is picked up to download the digital copy of the movie. PS4 users will be able to obtain the film through the VUDU app, while Xbox fans will get it through the Xbox Store, with the offer available in the US through February 6.

Digital pre-orders for Resident Evil 7 will be a little bit different, for reserving the game through the Xbox Store will net one a code for Retribution through Xbox Live. PlayStation Store pre-orders, on the other hand, will divvy out codes through a PSN system message for 40% off the HD movie bundle Resident Evil Collection on the platform.

While it seems as if these promotional offers attached to Resident Evil 7 pre-orders are merely an incentive to get fans to purchase the game, one could argue that they are also intended to drive people toward the movie multiplexes to watch Resident Evil: The Final Chapter for its theatrical release on January 27, 2017. For Capcom’s sake, hopefully these pre-order deals will not only draw fans’ attention toward the cinematic releases of The Final Chapter and RE: Vendetta, but also will goose sales enough so that the publisher and developer meets its goal of having Resident Evil 7 surpass 4 million copies in day one sales.

Resident Evil 7 is set to launch on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.