Load up on Resident Evil 7 deals for the PC Steam digital copy at 24% off.

Now that Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 demo has finally arrived on PC, so too has the pre-order deals. Thus far user reports are strongly on the positive side of things, with no reports of framerate issues or bugs, but of course, this is only a 30-minute demo to Capcom’s latest horror title. But by all accounts Resident Evil fans will have something to look forward to come January 24 next y ear.

Indeed, if the free Resident Evil 7 demo has you salivating for some gut wrenching horror and gore, PC gaming retailer GMG is offering 26% off if you pre-order through them. There’s not much of a catch either; you simply need to enter in a voucher code at checkout (look for the “Voucher Code” tab at checkout where you’ll see the “gift card” tab). This is the best price online for Resident Evil 7 as of writing from an authorized retailer.

Resident Evil 7 PC Pre-Order Deal

Pre-Order Bonus

Buying Resident Evil 7 from GMG nets you the exact same pre-order bonuses as you’ll find on Steam. The pre-order bonus includes the Survival Pack which gets you Herbs, a First Aid Med, Strong first Aid Med, and Lucky Coin. Also included is an early unlock of the “Madhouse Mode” difficulty. Madhouse Mode will of course be the hardest difficulty and only unlock after you beat the game in another difficulty mode.

Will Resident Evil 7 turn out to be the greatest in the series since Resident Evil 4? Great question, but if you’re looking forward to the game hopefully our answer lye’s within this one Steam Commentator’s blurb about the demo.