The Resident Evil series was left in the shadows after the disappointing sales of Resident Evil 6, and even worse sales and feedback of Operation Raccoon City but Capcom seemed to indicate that the series could see a revival this year. While it can’t be confirmed yet, Resident Evil may be in for a fast return, with rumors springing up that an announcement at E3 2013 is on the cards.

Outside of the re-release of the 3DS hit Resident Evil: Revelations, Capcom last earned buzz for Resident Evil with a surprise Left 4 Dead tie-in, which was a long ways away from committing to any large game-scale projects. Yesterday, reports began springing up someone had images from an apparent Resident Evil 7 advertisement campaign, but it’s impossible to verify whether the images are authentic or forged.

The original source of the leak claimed to have intercepted an email between promotional personnel who were finalizing the look of the advertisements specifically for E3 this year, and even posted the separate images online.

Those interested can click the below image to see it in full resolution:

Resident Evil 7 Box Art

Gamers should take this news with a grain of salt, as anyone with a copy of Adobe Photoshop and some time on their hands could mock-up a convincing draft and let it ‘leak’ to the public, not unlike the “Xbox Infinity” logo which an artist admitted to making on his own. Still, the thought of a brand new numbered Resident Evil installment is a tantalizing prospect and shouldn’t be ignored.  Capcom themselves have yet to comment on the matter.

The publisher had previously stated they’d like to push out even more DLC in the future to boost financials, explaining the quick succession of releases and re-releases of RE titles over the last year. The Resident Evil series would be a prime pusher of downloadable content gamers would swarm to buy, and the game’s announcement at E3 would be timed to generate buzz along with the next-generation consoles at E3, for which it will certainly release on.

Do you think that Capcom could be rearing up for a surprise announcement at E3 2013? Would you want to play a new Resident Evil title?

E3 2013 is scheduled for June 11th to June 13th.

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Source: VG247