Earlier today, Capcom released a fresh batch of details about the upcoming DLC on its way for Resident Evil 7, including new screenshots and concept art. For the most part, the game’s next expansions seem to be sticking true to the pure horror tone of the base game, though one piece of concept art has some fans wondering if Resident Evil 7 may be embracing more science-fiction elements.

The concept art in question is based on the game’s upcoming Not A Hero DLC starring Chris Redfield. In this DLC, players will take control of the familiar franchise hero as he explores the caverns beneath the Baker family mansion following the events of Resident Evil 7, fighting off the horrific Molded monsters and trying to secure an unknown target.

The concept art shows Chris and an unnamed ally surrounded by these creatures, with a strange object on the right-hand side of the picture. While it’s possible this object is a tunnel of some sorts or another object that just looks out of place, some fans have theorized that it is a portal of some sort. If the object is indeed a portal, it’s purpose is unclear at this time.

Resident Evil 7: New DLC Screenshots and Story Details - Not A Hero portal concept art

The addition of a machine that produces portals would be very out of place for Resident Evil 7. The game is credited with returning the series to its horror roots, and for staying away from the over-the-top set-pieces that defined the last couple of entries in the franchise. Considering this, it seems unlikely that the object is a portal as some fans have theorized, and is likely just an out-of-place tunnel.

Then again, it’s hard to say what exactly was going on in the caverns beneath the Baker family mansion, and Chris Redfield’s new affiliation could lend validity to the theory that the object in the concept art is a portal or other mysterious machine. Those that have yet to beat the game should be wary of spoilers, but as players that have conquered the horrors of the main game know, Chris is now a part of Umbrella. Therefore, it’s possible that Umbrella was conducting experiments in the caverns, and Chris and his team have been sent to recover the technology for the typically evil corporation.

But that’s just speculation at this time. The extent of Umbrella’s role in the Not A Hero DLC is still unclear, and the concept art may be showing something that is a little more low-key than futuristic, sci-fi technology. Before fans can know for certain, however, they will have to get their hands on the Not A Hero expansion for Resident Evil 7 when it launches on December 12th across all platforms.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.