Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC Delayed; More DLC Confirmed

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In a brief video posted by Capcom, Resident Evil 7 Director Koshi Nakanishi and Producer Masachika Kawata reveal the Not a Hero DLC has been delayed. Kawata explains that the studio decided to delay the DLC so as to ensure it matches the “high quality” of the main game.

Not a Hero, for those that might not know, was the third piece piece of DLC for Resident Evil 7. It is a free offering that will star a familiar face, and was expected to hit around April when originally announced.

Towards the end of the video, Executive Producer Jun Takeuchi also revealed that Capcom is working on additional DLC for Resident Evil 7, but did not offer any details beyond that. It’s possible that, like Not a Hero, this new content will be teased in the content that precedes it, but that is unclear.

Check out the full delay announcement video below:

Given that Not a Hero was supposed to release at some point in the Spring, most figured that the DLC was delayed. An add-on this substantial would benefit from a big marketing lead-up, but Capcom had said very little about its plans for the follow-up.

No doubt the delay is a disappointment for fans, but it is also a positive sign from Capcom. The fact that the developers are willing to admit that the DLC was not up to its standards, and made the seemingly difficult decision to delay it speaks volumes. Not a Hero is bound to be a huge draw for Resident Evil fans, due in large part to its star character.

While Ethan is a fine protagonist for Resident Evil 7, most fans were eager to see some familiar faces make appearances throughout the campaign. Unfortunately, Capcom had only one cameo planned, a brief appearance from Chris Redfield at the very end of the game.

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But Chris’ cameo came with a caveat and a tease – that he would be the star of the Not a Hero DLC and players would finally get to see how the new Resident Evil approach melds with the old hero. Needless to say, Not a Hero shot to the type of survival horror fans’ most anticipated list, surpassing even some full retail titles.

Granted, there has been some Resident Evil 7 DLC released in the interim – two packs to be exact – but those pieces have felt more like mini-games/experiences than true add-ons. Not a Hero, however, is expected to be a genuine extension of the Resident Evil 7 story. Unfortunately, it’s not ready to release just yet.

Resident Evil 7 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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