Resident Evil 7 Trailer Teases Supernatural Threats

Resident Evil 7 Trailer Tease Supernatural Threats - Resident Evil 7 shadow monster

Capcom releases a new teaser trailer for Resident Evil 7, revealing a grotesque monster for the game that is similar to creatures from the franchise's past.

Ever since it was revealed as a first-person exploratory horror game, many fans have been wondering exactly how Resident Evil VII was going to feel like a true Resident Evil experience. As we've neared the game's release, it's become clearer how it is going to feel like classic Resident Evil, with a new teaser trailer for the game that confirms at least one horrific, non-human creature will be hunting players down on the Baker family plantation.

In the new trailer, Resident Evil VII protagonist Ethan is in some sort of cave system that we haven't seen before. While in the cave, he encounters a horrific monster, with a head made almost entirely of razor-sharp fangs. The beast lumbers toward Ethan while he shoots it, but in typical Resident Evil fashion, it just shrugs off Ethan's assault and continues its pursuit.

The monster manages to get its hands on Ethan at the end of the teaser, presumably killing him in an instant-kill death. Unfortunately, it's hard to discern any other information about this beast beyond the fact that it seems virtually impervious to bullets, and it's found in a cave. We don't know if it is a boss character that players will only encounter once, or if it will be a recurring threat. It seems as though Capcom is wrapping up its release of teaser trailers now that the tenth trailer is out and a new demo is on the way, so it's hard to say when fans will learn more about the monster in this teaser.


It's possible that the third demo for Resident Evil VII, set to release in "early December," will feature this monster in some capacity. Of course, that would require the third demo to feature a lot more content than the second demo, which mainly just gave players some new rooms to explore in the mansion, and left everyone with even more questions than answers.

Whatever is in store for the third demo, many fans are hoping that it will offer some clarification in regards to the many unsolved mysteries surrounding the demos. For example, the dummy hand still has no discernible purpose, and players still don't have any way to complete the demo without being punched out by Jack Baker.

Between the immortal Baker family, this mysterious monster, and the promise of zombie-like creaturesResident Evil VII is finally starting to seem like a genuine Resident Evil game. If it manages to capture the classic Resident Evil feel while simultaneously delivering a fresh experience, then it very well could sell the 4 million copies Capcom is hoping for.

Resident Evil VII will be available on January 24th for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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