Resident Evil fan and video game blogger WheresBarry creates a manual for the Resident Evil 7 demo that mimics the look of manuals for previous games in the series.

Some gamers may recall a time when every game came with a detailed, lengthy instruction manual that offered character biographies, controls, and tips on how to play the game. With the move to digital distribution and in an effort to cut costs, it’s a rarity to see games launch nowadays with paper manuals, so one Resident Evil fan has taken matters into his own hands, creating an old school manual for Resident Evil 7, which can be read by clicking here.

Blog writer WheresBarry’s manual for Resident Evil 7 should look familiar to those that owned older Resident Evil games, as it mimics the style of classic Resident Evil paper manuals, and includes information on the characters, descriptions for the items players can collect, a map of the farmhouse, and more. The retro aesthetic is completed by WheresBarry’s choice to make the manual mostly black and white – another common trait for older video game manuals.

Since we still know very little about what Resident Evil 7 itself will entail, WheresBarry’s manual is actually based on the Beginning Hour demo that Capcom released for PlayStation Plus subscribers during E3 week. We know that the gameplay featured in the demo won’t be in the full version of the game, so the information in the manual may not necessarily be relevant come the game’s release next January.

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Even so, the manual itself may prove helpful to those that are playing the demo. Besides featuring typical manual information, it also functions as a guide, explaining how players can see all of the demo’s endings, revealing all seven possible locations for the mysterious ghost girl, and making note of every item that can be interacted with in the house.

Unfortunately, WheresBarry’s manual doesn’t have answers for any of the unsolved mysteries that players still have yet to figure out in the demo. For example, the infamous dummy finger item is said to have an “unknown use,” and while it lists the seven places that the ghost girl appears, it doesn’t explain who she is or what purpose she serves.

Of course, it would be very unlikely if not impossible for WheresBarry to know that information, as it is starting to seem as though those mysteries are left unsolvable in the demo on purpose. However, those that still believe that there’s more secrets left to discover in the Resident Evil 7 demo may find WheresBarry’s neat retro-style manual useful, and should consider checking it out.

Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: WheresBarry