A new Resident Evil 7 trailer surfaces on the PlayStation Blog during Gamescom, but fans will likely be left even more beguiled by the game’s narrative than before.

Although it’s obvious now, video game fans were left in a state of wonder after the Resident Evil 7 trailer at E3 2016 debuted a game that appears to be almost perfectly suited for VR technology. The first-person horror title is already adept at making players sweaty, nervous wrecks, as millions of Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour downloads can attest to. What the demo and any other footage haven’t answered, however, is just what Resident Evil 7 is actually about.

While it has been a quite few months for Resident Evil 7, now fans of the long-running survival horror series have something new to talk about – Capcom released a fresh trailer for the game that is sure to generate even more speculation on the series’ direction. Gone are the hordes of zombies and government agents trying to clean up bioterrorism, replaced instead by one scared woman trying to escape a lantern-wielding pursuer.

The video details Resident Evil 7‘s first-person view through the eyes of an unidentified young woman who could be named Mia, since the trailer takes place during events recorded on a tape labelled with that name. While Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour won’t actually be Capcom’s final version of Resident Evil 7, however, the footage in the new trailer will be, although actual gameplay, like using Resident Evil 7‘s healing items, still hasn’t been shown. In fact, the video does very little to narrow down much of what the game is about, choosing instead to offer up more tantalizing hints rather than any answers.

The new Resident Evil 7 trailer does, however, give fans a closer look at Marguerite, the deformed, rotting woman with the lantern who was also linked heavily to the events of Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour. Although she does have a few zombie-esque features, Marguerite is the sole enemy in the trailer and moves and behaves less like the shambling undead in older series entires and more like a human. While some have speculated that Capcom is merely slow-rolling the introduction of zombies in Resident Evil 7, it’s becoming increasingly likely that the game really is a bold new direction for the series after all.

If that is the case, Capcom is certainly hoping the innovation to the series pays off in a big way. Capcom’s sales and profits are down as of last quarter, and without a slew of new, exciting releases on the horizon, Resident Evil 7 will need to be every bit the revitalization of survival horror it appears to be if the publisher wants to right the ship.

What do you think of the new Reisdent Evil 7 trailer? Do you just want Capcom to reveal more about the game in a straightforward way, or are you enjoying the mystery and intrigue? Let us know in the comments below.

Resident Evil 7 will release on January 24, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: PlayStation Blog