Less than two weeks after the game’s release, we’re already seeing players attempt to clear Resident Evil 7 as fast as possible while setting restrictions on the weapons they can use.

The majority of players who have been working their way through Resident Evil 7 over the past couple of weeks have probably felt that the game is difficult enough with a full arsenal. However, experts are already taking on the Baker house without using any weaponry other than the knife.

The knife is by far the most underpowered weapon in Resident Evil 7. It doesn’t deal a huge amount of damage, and you need to be very close to an enemy to land a hit — the one good thing about this particular implement is that you can’t run out of ammo.

Only being able to use the knife makes the game much harder, as Twitch user ItsTheWykydtron discovered after attempting the game with this restriction. The speed run took just over three hours, starting from a fresh file on easy mode, according to a report from Eurogamer.

Easy mode causes enemies to dish out less damage, which makes surviving the ordeal a little bit less demanding. However, there are certain encounters that are still improbably difficult without the aid of the game’s more capable weapons.

Resident Evil 7 PS VR

For instance, one of the first boss battles in Resident Evil 7 expects that player to use a particular weapon. Without it, you’re at a serious disadvantage, and that certainly came into effect when ItsTheWykydtron arrived at this particular point in the game.

The fight took several attempts, and ultimately was responsible for about one fifth of the time it took for the entire run. That leaves plenty of room for improvement if ItsTheWykydtron tries to refine this first attempt at a later date.

This isn’t the only effort to complete Resident Evil 7 with the knife alone that’s taken place so far. A player known as Quizzle posted a run to YouTube, clearing the game in a little over three-and-a-half hours — the twist being that he was playing on the game’s extra-difficult Madhouse mode.

Even just a matter of days after the game’s launch, it seems that there’s a strong speedrunning community blossoming around Resident Evil 7. As players spend more time with the title, they’re sure to become even more familiar with its subtleties, so expect to see these early times get blown out of the water over the coming weeks and months.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.