Resident Evil 7 Kitchen VR Demo Releases Today

Resident Evil 7 Kitchen VR Demo Releases Today - Resident Evil 7 dinner table

Capcom announces that the disturbing 'Kitchen demo' for Resident Evil 7 is available to download now for anyone that happens to own a PlayStation VR headset.

There is no shortage of horror gaming experiences for fans to try out on PlayStation VR this October. From Until Dawn: Rush of Blood to Here They Lie, it's clear that horror gaming is going to be a focus for many developers working in the VR space. Capcom has added to the number of horror experiences available for PlayStation VR, releasing the Kitchen demo for Resident Evil VII for fans to download off the PlayStation Store.

In North America, the Resident Evil VII Kitchen demo is also available to play on PlayStation VR with the demo disc that comes bundled with the headset. It should be worth checking out for fans of the series, as it is the tech demo that eventually became the full-fledged Resident Evil VII experience. The Kitchen demo for Resident Evil VII is a free download, so there's really no reason for PlayStation VR owners not to try it out - unless they're too scared, of course.

The Kitchen demo for Resident Evil VII shouldn't be confused with the Beginning Hour demo that is also available for PlayStation 4. The Beginning Hour demo, and its Twilight Version update, offer a more comprehensive taste of what Resident Evil VII's gameplay will entail. The Kitchen demo, meanwhile, is more or less a passive showcase that is designed to show off some of the unique capabilities of the PlayStation VR hardware.

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In the meantime, there are still numerous unsolved mysteries in the Resident Evil VII Beginning Hour demo that Capcom plans on wrapping up ahead of the final game's release with a third update, but it's hard to say when exactly that will be available. The Kitchen demo should tide over Resident Evil VII fans with PlayStation VR until the third update for the Beginning Hour demo arrives.

It's safe to say that the Kitchen demo for Resident Evil VII isn't quite as important to the final game as the Beginning Hour demo, but it should still give potential consumers an idea of what to expect from the final game's virtual reality component. Virtual reality is one of the main selling points of Resident Evil VII, and since it is a timed-exclusive for PlayStation VR, it is being optimized specifically for Sony's VR hardware and the PS4. If the feature is popular enough, expect Capcom to add VR to some of its other future projects as well, and to continue its VR relationship with Sony.

Resident Evil VII will be available on January 24th for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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