Resident Evil 7 Kitchen VR Demo Available on Day 1


Capcom reveals that PS4 players who purchase the PlayStation VR headset will get to play the Resident Evil 7 Kitchen demo on day 1 of the peripheral's release.

Resident Evil 7's mysterious story and brand new protagonist have kept gamers wondering how the game will tie in to the long-running series since it was revealed at E3 2016. Unfortunately, Capcom doesn't seem to be eager to shed any light on those questions, but it's hard at work releasing plenty of enigmatic, spooky demos. The latest demo players can get their hands on will premiere alongside the PlayStation VR.

Revealed today by Capcom, fans will be able to get their hands on the Kitchen demo of Resident Evil 7 with their PlayStation VR headsets starting on the day of the headsets' launch. U.S.-based players will be able to give the demo a whirl with the included PlayStation VR demo disc, and players in Europe, Africa, and Asia won't be left out, either. However, players in those territories won't be receiving it on disc, and will have to download it instead. Unfortunately, while Resident Evil 7 will be playable without using a VR headset, the demo is restricted to PS VR use, so any gamers who haven't been able to acquire a PlayStation VR headset won't be able to try out the demo.


The so-called Resident Evil 7 Kitchen demo is the same demo that was initially revealed during E3 2015. The lucky few that were able to try out the demo applauded it for being a terrifying - albeit brief - glimpse into what horror experiences could entail on the PlayStation VR, although no one knew at that time that it had a connection to Resident Evil 7. It wasn't made clear that the demo was attached to the series until the following year at E3 2016, when Capcom finally revealed the arrival of Resident Evil 7 and its new, first-person perspective and horrifying jump scares.

Although the game's release is just around the corner in early 2017, the exact game mechanics and story of Resident Evil 7 remain fairly obscured. Capcom previously revealed that the gameplay in Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour isn't part of the full game, and since the Kitchen demo ties directly into The Beginning Hour, presumably the same can be said of the Kitchen demo. In any case, the demos are serving as a great way for Capcom to build hype for the title. Including the Kitchen demo with the PlayStation VR headset is a sure way to get the attention of horror fans who will soon own the device, which is an important task, since Resident Evil 7 will be a PS VR timed exclusive for the first year following its release.

Resident Evil 7 is set to release on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Kitchen demo will release on October 13th alongside the PS VR.

Source: Twitter (via GamesRadar)

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