By completing Resident Evil 7 under certain conditions, players can unlock special items like infinite ammo, the circular saw, and a nifty pair of X-ray glasses.

Even though the game can be completed in 10 hours in an initial playthrough, Resident Evil 7 is filled with unlockable content to convince players to go back through the game multiple times. Like past Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 7‘s unlockable content is earned by completing the game under certain conditions, and the items players earn can make subsequent playthroughs much less daunting.

From infinite ammo to an extraordinarily powerful melee weapon, here is how to unlock all the great end-game rewards for Resident Evil 7. However, please note that this article will have spoilers.

Beat the Game Once


If players complete the game on any difficulty setting, they will unlock a few different items, in addition to a new difficulty setting. Perhaps the most notable item is the Albert-o1R handgun, which is a powerful pistol used in the final boss fight. The Albert-o1R handgun, like other items players unlock, will appear in the item box for subsequent playthroughs.

The Albert-o1R is a powerful weapon that uses fairly common handgun ammunition, making it useful against the game’s tougher enemies and making the game much easier when playing on the Madhouse difficulty setting. Madhouse difficulty, for the uninitiated, is the extra-hard setting players unlock by beating the game. It forces players to use a limited number of cassette tapes to save their progress, greatly increases the deadliness of enemies, moves key items around, and removes almost every autosave checkpoint in the entire game.

Besides the Albert-o1R and Madhouse difficulty, beating the game once (on normal difficulty or higher) also gifts players with a scroll called The Secrets of Defense. When this item is in protagonist Ethan Winters’ inventory, it makes it so he takes much less damage when successfully blocking attacks from enemies. It’s only useful during a handful of key moments in boss fights, but it’s still worth lugging around just in case, and can be paired with another item to increase its effectiveness.

Beat the Game in Under 4 Hours

resident evil 7 bobblehead location

After completing Resident Evil 7 once, the next challenge for players to tackle will be beating it in four hours or less. Some speed-runners have beaten Resident Evil 7 in less than two hours, so it’s certainly not an impossible feat, but taking the time to unlock items like the Albert-o1R and The Secrets of Defense will make things easier.

There are two fantastic items players unlock by speed-running the game that make Madhouse difficulty much more manageable. Upon completing Resident Evil 7 in less than four hours, players will unlock a nifty pair of X-ray glasses, in addition to the powerful circular saw.

The X-ray glasses point out all the items that can be collected in the environment. They make finding collectibles much easier, and also help players avoid nasty trick boxes that explode when smashed. The circular saw, meanwhile, makes the dynamic Baker family encounters much less stressful, as it can send Jack, Marguerite, and the whole clan running for the hills after hitting them with it for just a few seconds.

Like the Albert-o1R and The Secrets of Defense, the circular saw and X-ray glasses can be found in the item box during subsequent playthroughs of the game.

Break All the Mr. Everywhere Statuettes

resident evil 7 cannibal dinner

Resident Evil 7 has a number of collectibles to seek out, such as Antique Coins that are used to unlock special items and files that expand on the story and serve to better connect the game to the rest of the Resident Evil universe. However, only one collectible gifts players with a special reward at the end of the game for finding them all – the Mr. Everywhere statuettes.

In total, there are 20 Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads spread across the Baker family plantation for players to find and smash. Mr. Everywhere statuettes that are successfully broken carry over from one playthrough to the next, so players never have to start from scratch when hunting them down.

Breaking all 20 Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads and finishing the game in the same playthrough will net players two interesting rewards when they load Resident Evil 7 up again. For one, it unlocks the Walking Shoes, an item that makes players walk faster to help them break their speed-run record, and it also unlocks The Essence of Defense. Best when combined with The Secrets of Defense, the Essence of Defense helps players take less damage when they successfully block an enemy’s attack.

Beat the Game on Madhouse Difficulty


The ultimate challenge in Resident Evil 7 is completing the game on Madhouse difficulty. Players can start a Madhouse save any time after they beat the game once, but it’s wise to prepare for it by taking the time to unlock other important items in the game first, like the Albert-01R handgun, the X-ray glasses, and above all else, the devastating circular saw.

By beating the game on Madhouse difficulty, players unlock one major reward that will make subsequent playthroughs a breeze in the form of infinite ammo. Infinite ammo is represented in-game by an item that has to sit in the players’ inventory, but it’s well worth the space it takes up, as it means never having to collect ammunition for any of the other weapons in the game.

Achievement and trophy hunters will definitely be happy to have the Infinite Ammo item in their inventory. As it happens, those that are looking to unlock achievements like beating the game using three or less healing items or using the item box three or less times will find that having Infinite Ammo will make things much easier.


With Infinite Ammo in their inventory, players will have unlocked virtually everything there is in Resident Evil 7. Now that all these special items have been amassed, players can challenge themselves to speed-run the story to see just how fast they can get through the nightmarish ordeal with the Baker family on their creepy Louisiana plantation.

Players may also benefit from collecting these items when playing through Resident Evil 7‘s post-launch expansion packs. By having all these special items unlocked, it could make future challenges Capcom dreams up much easier for anyone that has taken the time to thoroughly complete Resident Evil 7 and unlock everything in the game.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.