Resident Evil 7‘s flamethrower, called the ‘burner’ in the game, is useful for killing bugs and other enemies. Here’s where to find the parts to create the burner.

Before Resident Evil 7 hit store shelves, many fans were wondering how the game would still feel like a Resident Evil title despite the many changes it was introducing to the franchise, including a drastic switch to a first-person perspective. Well, one way Resident Evil 7 retains the spirit of its predecessors is by bringing back many popular weapons from the franchise’s past, including the flamethrower – known as the “burner” in this new game.

In Resident Evil 7, players have to assemble the burner themselves, which is accomplished by finding the two parts required to create the weapon. Both burner parts are located in the Old House, a section in the middle of the game where players have to hide from the lantern-wielding Marguerite Baker. Besides Marguerite, the Old House is infested with bugs that are much easier to dispose of with the burner in one’s arsenal, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to build it.

Players will find the blueprint to the burner on the floor in the Old House, though they don’t necessarily have to pick that up to build the weapon. On the contrary, all players need to do is find the two parts, the burner grip and the burner nozzle, and then combine them in the inventory screen similarly to how healing items are combined in the game.

To obtain the burner grip, players need to head to the Gallery room in the Old House. For the uninitiated, the Gallery is where the spider shadow puzzle takes place in the Mia VHS tape. There’s a deck that players can access from the Gallery, with some trashcans on it. After stepping onto the deck, turn left and approach the open trashcan to find the burner grip sitting inside.

With the burner grip in tow, the next item players need is the burner nozzle. To get the burner nozzle, head to the Dining Room area, and then step outside to get to the Water Shed. Open the door to the shed and the burner nozzle will be lying on the table in plain sight. Scoop it up and combine it with the burner grip to create the burner flamethrower, a powerful weapon that is especially useful against Marguerite Baker and the bugs that have infested the Old House.

Now that players have the full burner in their possession, the next step is to collect ammo for it. Predictably, the burner uses burner fuel as ammunition, though players aren’t restricted to what they can find lying around the dilapidated Baker family plantation. Players can actually craft burner fuel if they have the necessary ingredients, which are chem fluid and solid fuel. Combine these items together in the inventory to create precious burner fuel that will be prove very helpful in the Old House and beyond.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.