With the release of the Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC for Resident Evil 7, Capcom has added a couple of new VHS tapes for players to complete. One is called “Daughters,” and it stars Zoe Baker years before Ethan Winters ever made it to the Baker family plantation in the main game.

In Resident Evil 7‘s latest DLC, players see the origin of the horrors Ethan encountered during his ordeal. We recommend completing the main game before jumping into this particular DLC, as it is full of spoilers for major story events that occur. Likewise, this guide will have some spoilers as well, so proceed with caution.

How to Get the True Ending

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Getting the true ending in the Daughters tape requires a few more steps than the bad one. However, many of the beginning steps can be the same between the two endings, with one major diversion near the end of the VHS tape. Considering this, we will start with the true ending, and then later explain what needs to change to get the bad ending. Both endings are worth an achievement, so players will want to take the time to play through it twice anyway.

After the scene in the beginning, follow Lucas Baker, the psychotic family member behind the twisted birthday cake puzzle, when he sits down at the table in the dining room. As he plays with his phone, he will put in the numbers 1019 to unlock it. Take note of this, and then walk through the kitchen, past Marguerite Baker, and into the room on the other side.

Drop through the hole in the floor to get into a crawlspace, and grab the lockpick here. Now either follow the crawlspace to the end to get to the laundry room, or climb back out and walk to the laundry room like a civilized person. Grab the clean clothes off the table, and then head upstairs. Enter the first door on the right to access the bathroom, and unlock the top drawer by the sink to get the small component.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Beat the 'Daughters' Tape - Bathroom

Leave the bathroom and follow the hall until you get to another white door. Approach it and a short cut-scene will play. Once Jack Baker leaves the room, go over to the little girl on the bed. Getting close to her will trigger another cut-scene that leaves Zoe in the dark, so pull the right trigger when prompted to flip on the lighter.

Walk over to the cabinet next to the piano and pick up the trophy. Add the small component to it and push the button to make a ladder fall from the ceiling. Climb the ladder to reach the attic and then interact with the laptop. Input the code 1019 and read the file.

Leave the attic and go downstairs to the dining room. The table will be flipped over, and Lucas will be lying on the floor near the window. Check on Lucas, and then go back upstairs. Go into the bathroom to trigger another cut-scene, and then head to the garage, though don’t expect a Jack Baker boss fight to take place there this time. The garage, for those that don’t remember, is located directly across from the dining room.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Beat the 'Daughters' Tape - Red rope in garage

Push the red button next to the garage shutters, go inside, and grab the red rope off the shelf. Return to the bathroom for another scene, and then make a break for the recreation room. Shut the door behind Zoe and take note of the hook on the wall to the left of the door. Use the rope on the hook to barricade the door shut. Go to the room where the broken shotgun is located in the main game, also known as Grandma’s Room, and grab the fork in here. Take the fork to the boarded window in the corner of the rec room and use it on the nails to pry the boards off it.

Step through the window to reach the veranda, then take a right and walk all the way to the end. There’s a pile of junk here blocking the path, but there’s just enough room between it and the side of the house to squeeze through. On the other side, players will find Lucas’s possessions in a red toolbox. Open it up and grab one of the three dog heads from inside.

Move back through the narrow path between the junk and the house, and then move the metal grate on the wall to get back inside. Wait for Jack to drag Lucas into the room, and then head into the main hall. Stand at the top of the stairs and turn the lighter off. Watch Marguerite Baker search for Zoe below, and wait for her to go into the room with the shotgun for the second time. She will linger in there for awhile, giving Zoe the chance to sneak down the stairs and take the dog head to the front door.

Use the dog head at the front door to unlock it. Walk into the darkness outside and head to the trailer. Inside the trailer, Zoe will find none other than Mia Winters lying on the floor. Read the file Mia left on the table and collect the item she is holding. Doing both of these things will trigger the final cut-scene and players will see the true ending to the Daughters DLC.

How to Get the Bad Ending

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Beat the 'Daughters' Tape - Bad ending

To get the bad ending, many of the steps are the same. Players can skip visiting the attic or bothering with the dog head; they just need to play normally up until the part where Marguerite Baker is looking for Zoe in the main hall. Then instead of going to the front door, go to the doors that lead back to the kitchen area.

If Zoe is able to reach these doors without Marguerite seeing her, a cut-scene will play where Zoe gets the car keys. Start sprinting to the garage, but go through the laundry room door to avoid a nasty confrontation with Jack in the hallway. Drop into the crawlspace in the laundry room and then climb out into the room by the kitchen. Stay hidden until Jack and Marguerite are gone, and then go to the garage. Hop into the driver’s side of the vehicle to see the DLC’s bad ending.

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Once players have seen both endings for the Daughters tape in Resident Evil 7, they will have unlocked all the achievements/trophies tied to it. Not only that, but they should come away with a much clearer idea of how the horrors of Resident Evil 7 started for the unfortunate members of the Baker family.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.