Released with the first volume of Resident Evil 7‘s Banned Footage DLC, the “Bedroom” tape offers some new story elements as well as a complicated puzzle for players to solve. The DLC takes inspiration from Stephen King’s Misery and “escape the room” style puzzles, tasking players with getting out alive while also making sure Marguerite Baker doesn’t realize that they’ve been out of bed.

Besides simply getting to the end of the DLC, the Bedroom tape in Resident Evil 7 has an additional task for players to complete. There are three dead rats hidden in the titular bedroom, and players will need to find all three if they hope to unlock all of the achievements/trophies tied to this particular DLC. The following guide not only explains how to survive the Bedroom tape, but also reveals the locations of the three dead rats required for the “Ratcatcher” achievement/trophy.

Step 1: Grandfather Clock

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Beat the 'Bedroom' Tape - Grandfather clock

Once Marguerite leaves the room, pick up the spoon from the tray, and examine it to see an apple symbol. Grab the lantern off the lantern hook for better visibility, and then check the wall behind the dresser. It’s hard to see, but crouch down and there should be a knife taped to the wall. Grab the knife, and then examine the vase on the dresser for a lighter. Whatever you do, don’t pull the stuck drawer on the dresser, as it can’t be pushed back in and Marguerite Baker will definitely notice that it’s out of place.

Next examine the clock sitting on the end table by the bed. By examining the clock, the minute hand will come loose and fall off. Unfortunately, it can’t be reattached to the clock, but since poor cameraman Clancy is the master of unlocking, it can be used to unlock the grandfather clock against the wall.

Open the grandfather clock and take note of ‘Untitled Painting A’ sitting at the bottom of it. Pick it up, but be warned that doing so will set off the grandfather clock. A timer will pop up at the top of the screen, indicating that Clancy has a minute to put the room back as it was before Marguerite left. Players following this guide exactly should just need to close the grandfather clock and hang the lantern back on the hook.

After the room has been restored to its former state, slide Clancy back into bed. Put him back in the restraints Marguerite had him in before she left the room, and sit tight until she comes back to see what all the noise was about. If done correctly, Marguerite should be in a surprisingly chipper mood and will leave Clancy back to his own devices. If she notices something is off, she will spit nasty bugs in Clancy’s face, and he will take some damage as a result.

Step 2: Moving the Bed


With Marguerite gone again, get out of bed and grab the lantern off the lantern hook (if she noticed something out of place, remove Clancy’s restraints with the spoon). Snag ‘Untitled Picture C’ off the wall above the weird book shrine, and then head to the corner of the room to the left of the clock. Take note of the green shutters here, and crouch down. Players can find the first of the three dead rats lying on the floor behind the shutters. Pick it up and examine it to complete the first step of unlocking the Ratcatcher achievement/trophy.

When Clancy is done examining the rat, stand back up and take ‘Untitled Painting B’ off the barrel here. The wall on the other side will be covered in spiders, which seem to be protecting some wine bottles and a corkscrew. Ignore this for now, go over to the shrine, and look at the imprints on the wall. Place the paintings on the wall in the following order:

Untitled Painting B; Untitled Painting C; Untitled Painting A

Hanging the paintings on the wall in the correct order will cause the book on the shrine to flip open. A weird voodoo doll can be found inside, with a sewing needle sticking out of its chest. Collect the sewing needle for a grisly sight, and then grab the paintings off the wall again. Place Untitled Painting C where Untitled Painting B was, and then take Untitled Painting B and return it to its spot on the barrel in the corner of the room.

Take the sewing needle and use it on the clock. Move the clock hands until it reads five o’clock, and the bed will slide over, revealing a secret, locked hatch. Marguerite will hear the racket and start coming back upstairs, so interact with the clock again to slide the bed back into place. Return the lantern to the lantern hook and get back into bed before Marguerite decides to show back up, with even more disgusting food in tow.

Step 3: Corkscrew

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Beat the 'Bedroom' Tape - Door lock

Marguerite will bring Clancy a tray of new food, along with a fork and a little portable stove. Wait for her to leave the room, and then pick up the fork, which has a snake symbol on it, as well as the stove. Open the pot of what is probably human organs and then take a bite using the fork. If Clancy has taken too much damage up to this point, doing this will kill him. If not, it will simply leave him a bit beat-up, but it will also reveal the location of the second dead rat. Whereas players could just find the Mr. Everywhere bobblehead collectibles hidden all over the Baker family plantation in the main game, they must be prepared to do some nasty stuff to get the collectibles in the DLC.

Pick up the dead rat from the pot and give it a once over. Gather all the paintings again and then place them back on the wall in the following order:

Untitled Painting A; Untitled Painting B; Untitled Painting C

The note that explains how to do this is located on the floor next to the bed. Anyway, doing this will open the book to a new page, showing a voodoo doll with a leaf on its bib. Besides the bib, players should also notice that in one hand, the doll is holding a fork, and in the other, a spoon. This reveals the combination to the nearby symbol lock, which functions like the one players encountered in the birthday cake puzzle in the main game.

Go to the door with the lock on it and turn the dials so that it reads Snake, Leaf, Apple from left to right. Go into the next room, and check the top of the bookshelf for the third and final dead rat, which should unlock the Ratcatcher achievement/trophy. Then examine the cupboard next to the bookshelf. The bottom of it is boarded up, but it can be pried open using the fork. Do so and then crouch down to collect the solid fuel. Open the inventory and combine the solid fuel with the stove.

Return to the bedroom. Grab the paintings off the wall, put Untitled Painting C back in its original place, and then head over to the barrel in the corner where ‘Untitled Painting B’ usually goes. Instead of putting the painting there, put the stove in its place. Use the lighter on the stove to start a fire, which builds enough heat to explode one of the wine bottles, killing the spiders. Grab the corkscrew, pick up the stove, put ‘Untitled Painting B’ back on the barrel, hang the lantern on the lantern hook, and get back in bed before Marguerite returns. This time she will come quicker, so don’t lollygag.

Step 4: Snake Key

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Beat the 'Bedroom' Tape - Medusa puzzle

When the coast is clear, hop back out of bed and grab the lantern off the hook once again. Examine the lantern hook and use the corkscrew on it to pull it out of the wall. Then head back into the room where the solid fuel and third rat were found, and look at the projector sitting in the center of the room. Use the knife on the back of the projector to remove the red tape and place the lantern inside.

Open the inventory and combine the two lantern hooks to create an iron statuette. Essentially, players have created their very own shadow puzzle, which showed up in the main game in multiple areas, and stood as obstacles in the way of players collecting important items like the grenade launcher. Anyway, approach the farther pedestal from the projector and use the iron statuette. Adjust its position in the front of the projector until it fills out the face of Medusa on the painting.

Leave the iron statuette there and then approach the smaller pedestal. Use the fork and adjust its position until it fills out the snake’s face on the painting. The trick to it is to make the prongs make up the snake’s eyes. Once that’s done, the bird cage, kind of like the ones players used antique coins to open in the main game, will swing open.

Grab the snake key from inside the bird cage and then equip the knife. Hold the left trigger to hold the knife in front of Clancy. If done properly, Clancy will be able to fight back against Marguerite long enough to give players time to push the bed over with the clock mechanism, use the snake key on the hatch, and drop into the tunnel below. Simply walk forward and the VHS tape “Bedroom” will come to an end.


Even with the completion of the Bedroom tape, the Banned Footage DLC for Resident Evil 7 will leave players with plenty more to do, like conquering the extraordinarily challenging Ethan Must Die mode and beating the Daughters tape. And even when that’s done, Capcom has more DLC planned for the game in the future, including a third set of Banned Footage tapes as well as a free story expansion scheduled to release this spring. With all this DLC and more on the way, it seems like owners of the Resident Evil 7 season pass will have plenty to do in the upcoming months.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.