Resident Evil 7 spoilers have begun flooding the Internet, with players revealing everything about the game from completion time to details about its ending.

Gamers that hope to stay pure and avoid spoilers for Resident Evil 7 have just been given the ultimate challenge, as story details for the upcoming survival horror game begin to flood the Internet. Apparently, pre-release or leaked copies of Resident Evil 7 have made their way online and gamers have started to reveal anything and everything about the game, including its ending.

While Game Rant has no intention of spoiling the story for Resident Evil 7, or even giving away any unknown details, the leaks have revealed a few more facts about the game that players might be curious about. For example, we now know that Resident Evil 7 can take as few as 10 hours to complete, or as many as 20 hours depending on the skills of the player and the collectibles they go after.

Most of this information comes from second hand accounts, but one player has shared their Resident Evil 7 completion screen (via ThisGenGaming), which gives gamers a clue as to everything they can do in the title. For example, in 10 hours the player was able to amass almost all of the tracked collectibles in the game, complete most of the encounters, all while dying/restarting about 110 times.

resident evil 7 stat screen

What’s unclear from the screen is what the player might have missed or how quickly they moved through the game. The screen does say that this run was completed on the Normal difficulty, though, which means that this could be an average completion time for the average player. In other words, if there are some fans worried that 10 hours might be too short, keep in mind that most players have reported that it took them between 15 and 20 hours to complete the game.

We also don’t know if there will be replayability in Resident Evil 7, like there is the Beginning Hour demo for the game. That demo asked players to use trial and error to try and discover new secrets about Resident Evil 7, only revealing the true endings once everything had been completed “correctly.”

Those who want to get more out of their Resident Evil 7 experience should have plenty of opportunities to do so as well. Capcom just recently detailed the Season Pass for Resident Evil 7, which will include two banned volumes and an additional story episode. How those will expand on the story of Ethan and the Baker family is unclear at this point, but things should become more evident once everyone gets their hands on the game next week.

Resident Evil 7 releases January 24, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.