Resident Evil 7 is full of secrets and treasures to find and this guide breaks down where all 18 of the hidden antique coins are located on easy and normal difficulty.

Resident Evil 7 has only been available for a few hours, but the hardcore horror fans are already tearing through the game on every difficultly level to uncover every secret and puzzle that the game has to offer. Beating the game’s main story only takes roughly ten hours for most players, but going back into the creepy house and finding every secret is another task entirely. After waiting so long for a new installment in the franchise, Resident Evil 7 players seem happy to spend hours scouring every corner of the estate.

One of the many collectibles available in the game are the antique coins. These items can be found throughout the adventure from start to finish in various hiding spots. There are 33 antique coins to collect on madhouse difficultly, but only 18 on easy and normal. It is possible to find all 18 coins on the first play through, but gamers will need to take their time and search just about every corner to make sure they don’t miss one. Alternatively, they can peek ahead and use the PS4Trophies video guide to find out where every coin is hiding.

This video takes the easier┬ároute and points out the 18 coins on the standard difficult modes…

During the comprehensive video, the narrator also points out the files, bobbleheads, and videos that can be picked up along the way to the 18th coin for all of you completionists out there. One of the coolest things about Resident Evil 7’s puzzles is how it uses a sort of time travel in the form of playable VHS tapes to alter the environment in the present day storyline. By unlocking drawers in a video, the main protagonist is able to open it in their timeline. This mechanic was revealed in the demo, so it’s not too surprising to find it in the main game, but it does bring an interesting new dimension to the franchise.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.