Resident Evil 7 Demo Guide: What's New in the Twilight Version Update

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Twilight Demo Update - Resident Evil 7 hunting knife

Capcom releases the Twilight Version update for the Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo. Use this guide to find special items and unlock the new ending!

During Sony's E3 2016 press conference, Capcom not only announced Resident Evil VII, it also launched a playable demo for PS Plus subscribers that same night. The demo was full of secrets for players to uncover, and now Capcom has updated the demo, adding even more twisted mysteries for fans to solve.

We've compiled all the differences between the original Beginning Hour demo for Resident Evil VII and the Twilight Version update, including where to find new items, how to see the alternate ending, and how to reach a brand new area in the house to explore.

New Ending

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Twilight Demo Update - Jack Baker Resident Evil 7

The original Beginning Hour demo basically had two different endings. With the Twilight Version update, players can discover a third ending that includes a brand new phone message as well as an end card that both hint at the possibility of a third demo update coming at some point in the future.

To unlock this third ending, players need to reach the attic. To do this, examine the handle in the fireplace and pull it before doing anything else. A secret panel in the wall will open up, so crouch and move through it. Check the desk in the corner to find a fuse. Collect the fuse, return to the previous room, and place the fuse in the fuse box on the wall. Activate it, and go up the stairs. Press the button here to make the attic stairs come from the ceiling. Walk up the stairs and go through the first open door.

At this point, the phone will start ringing. Answer it to be greeted by this new message from the mysterious woman on the other end of the line:

"Just remember: all doors can be opened. If they couldn't, they wouldn't be doors, but some doors must remained closed for now."

After this ominous message, Jack Baker will once again appear out of nowhere, and punch the player square in the face. However, the end card players see before the demo asks them to pre-order the full game has a new message as well:

The end of the path is near.

Attic Bedroom

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Twilight Demo Update - Attic wall

When visiting the attic, Beginning Hour demo vets will notice that it looks a bit different than the last time they were there. In fact, an entire wall in the phone room has been knocked down, revealing what appears to be a bedroom on the other side. Sitting on a desk in this bedroom is a basement key, but like most of the items players can collect in the demo, it doesn't serve any discernible purpose at this point in time.

Something else in the attic bedroom that players can't use is handgun ammo. It can sometimes be found on the floor next to the bed in between the green trashcan and the headboard. Some of the crates in this room can be smashed with the axe to find more handgun ammo, but unlike what we saw in Resident Evil VII's Tokyo Game Show 2016 trailer, there is no handgun to collect to put the ammo to use.

In the meantime, there are some other areas of interest in this new space. Players can find a message written in blood on one wall, and there is a ladder that leads to a locked skylight. Below this ladder is a bunch of TVs, and if players look behind them, they will find a strange celluloid object...

Dummy Finger


Celluloid objects should be very familiar to anyone that has attempted to solve the Resident Evil VII demo's many unsolved mysteries. The infamous dummy finger is said to be made from the same material upon examination, and as luck would have it, this new celluloid object can be combined with the dummy finger to create a dummy hand.

Unfortunately, any purpose beyond creating a creepy dummy hand with one pointer finger is unknown at this time. Perhaps it will be used to solve a puzzle in the future if Capcom decides to update the demo for a third time.

Changes Around the House

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Twilight Demo Update - Door

Capcom has made some subtle changes to a couple of other areas in the Baker family house for players to check out after they download the Twilight Version update. They're both found near the beginning of the demo, with the first change being the family portrait found above the fireplace. Whereas it used to show Jack and Marguerite Baker standing, it now shows them sitting on the couch with two children. Who these children are is anyone's guess. Presumably, one of them is Lucas Baker, who is alluded to by Andre during the VHS tape segment, but it's unclear who the other child could be.

The second major change can be found in the hallway just outside the starting room. The door at the end of the hallway is now covered with a strange black substance that could be mold, or something more sinister. Stand in front of the door and stare at it to see it shake and hear a very strange noise that is definitely not from a human. Maybe one of the game's zombie-like enemies is on the other side?

Resident Evil 7 Demo Getting 'Twilight' Update Tomorrow - Resident Evil 7 Baker family dinner

Some fans were hoping for a more substantial update to Resident Evil VII's Beginning Hour demo that would offer some answers to its lingering unsolved mysteries, but the Twilight Version just raises more questions. Here's hoping our speculation is correct, and Capcom releases another update that gives the dummy hand purpose, allows players to put that handgun ammo to good use, and lets us see who - or what - is behind the door at the end of the hallway.

Resident Evil VII will be available on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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