Shotguns have appeared in most Resident Evil games, and Resident Evil 7 is no different. Here is how to use the broken shotgun to get the real shotgun in Resident Evil 7.

In Resident Evil 7, enemies like the ruthless Baker family often take multiple handgun clips to take down. Luckily, players are able to access more powerful weaponry in the game – assuming they are able to find them. One powerful weapon players can acquire fairly early on in the game is the shotgun, though getting the shotgun is easier said than done.

In the main hall of the house where the Dog Head door is, players will notice a statue holding the shotgun. Picking up the shotgun causes the door to lock behind protagonist Ethan Winters, so as part of an homage to a puzzle from the original Resident Evil game, players have to find a broken shotgun to put in its place. In Resident Evil 7, the broken shotgun is locked behind a Scorpion Key door in Grandma’s Room.

Grandma’s Room is upstairs, serving as an extension of the rec room. It has some other goodies inside besides the broken shotgun, so getting into it is a worthwhile endeavor. The only barrier keeping players from entering Grandma’s Room is a locked door that can only be opened with the Scorpion Key, itself acquired shortly before players find the Red Dog Head in the slaughterhouse basement.


To get to the slaughterhouse basement, go down the stairs through the creepy white door, located right next to a save room. This basement is filled with the “Molded,” which are failed Baker family experiments that take quite a few clips to take down. Try to avoid the Molded as much as possible until reaching a blue gate, located in the hall near the boiler room area.

Pull the gate open and on the other side is the Scorpion Key. Now, most players will likely want to continue pushing through and complete the next boss fight without the shotgun simply to conserve shotgun shells, but those that would rather have it in tow for the subsequent boss fight with Jack Baker will want to backtrack to the recreation room.

Upon returning to the rec room, use the Scorpion Key to gain access to Grandma’s Room and loot everything in it. Of course, the most important item in the room is the broken shotgun, so be sure to snag that before returning to the bust in the main hall. There will need to be enough inventory space available to hold two shotguns at once to make this work, so use an item box if necessary to unload any extra baggage.

By the time the shotgun is collected, players should have amassed more than enough shells to use it. Shotgun shells are fairly common in this area of the game, though handgun ammunition is the most plentiful. At any rate, having the shotgun can make getting through the Molded less difficult, and it will also make the next fight with Jack Baker easier than it would be otherwise.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.