Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Beat the Garage Boss Fight


The second major boss fight in Resident Evil 7 is a battle against Jack Baker in the garage. Use these tips to learn how to win the garage boss fight against Jack Baker.

The evil patriarch of the Baker family is a dangerous man named Jack Baker. Throughout the course of Resident Evil 7, players encounter Jack on numerous occasions. While the best course of action is typically to run and hide from the near-invincible monster of a man, there are a few dedicated boss fights with him in Resident Evil 7 that need to be completed in order to progress in the game.

The first major boss fight with Jack Baker occurs early on, when players reach the garage area. After watching a rather gruesome cutscene, players will want to quickly grab the deputy's handgun lying on the ground, and then run away from Jack. Jack will smash through any objects in his path, and unlike the boss fight with Mia, the objects don't slow him down for a significant amount of time.

While running from Jack, scour the garage for handgun ammunition and healing items. Be prepared to tap the right bumper and heal at a moment's notice, as Jack's attacks deal a significant amount of damage if he gets close enough. Also remember to "guard" against his attacks by pressing the left bumper right before he lands a hit to stagger Jack a bit and avoid taking damage.

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Grab the car keys from the work bench and then lead Jack away from the vehicle. Shoot him repeatedly in the head to stun him, and then make a dash for the car. H0p inside the vehicle and start up the engine as quickly as possible. If Jack is able to get to the car before it's turned on, he will actually yank Ethan out of it, get inside himself, and then attempt to run players over. Assuming there's any handgun bullets left, the only way to stop this particular assault seems to be shooting Jack enough times to get him out of the car. However, it seems more likely that this attack will end with players being crushed against the wall and having to start the fight over from the beginning.

Upon successfully getting into the car without Jack taking control of the wheel, start smashing him into the garage walls. Keep doing this until his body disappears. A cut-scene will play where Jack rips the roof off the car and then tries to force Ethan to kill himself by driving into some pipes. Pull the left stick a little to the left to avoid hitting the pipes and instead deal significant damage to Jack Baker.

Get out of the car and hurry to the other end of the garage. The car will catch on fire, and a fiery Jack will emerge from the wreckage. The subsequent explosion should knock Jack down, so don't waste any more bullets on him. After that's over with, a ladder will be knocked loose near the work bench. Start climbing the ladder, and then pull the right trigger when prompted in the following interactive cutscene to conclude the first boss fight with Jack Baker.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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