Resident Evil 7 is full of puzzles to solve and this guide helps walk players through surviving the Happy Birthday mystery and how to earn the speed achievement.

It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Resident Evil 7 players haven’t wasted any time tearing through the latest installment in the survival horror franchise. The series is scarier than ever with a creepy first-person perspective and VR support, but that isn’t stopping players from binging marathon sessions to unlock every puzzle and find every hidden trinket. The latest Resident Evil 7 puzzle to be cracked is all about a creepy happy birthday mystery.

Spoiler Warning: The birthday cake mystery comes a little ways into the game, so definitely stop reading here and don’t watch the video if you are trying to avoid spoilers…

Players who have completed the torture in the Main House and the Old House will obtain the Snake Key to access the Kids Room on the second floor of the main house. In this room players will find a VHS tape labeled Happy Birthday that triggers the start of this puzzle.

Completing the puzzle within five minutes unlocks the ‘Out Before Dessert’ achievement. To ensure that the trophy gets added to your showcase, players will want to follow the exact steps detailed in the video walkthrough. There is some room for error once players know the basic path to take, but the five minute countdown definitely requires a bit of speed.

Check out the video walkthrough of how to solve the Happy Birthday puzzle courtesy of AFguidesHD

Completing the puzzle in under five minutes is required to lock in the trophy, but everyone will need to piece the mystery together if they want to proceed in the game. Puzzle solving is a staple of the Resident Evil franchise and it’s exciting to see this latest installment in the game lean so hard into that particular mechanic.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.