Follow this guide for Resident Evil 7 to find out where to hide from the insane Marguerite Baker and earn the Can’t Catch Me achievement during a flashback encounter.

The Resident Evil franchise has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years, though Capcom has attempted something different with Resident Evil 7 to hopefully shake things up for the better. After releasing a very well received demo a couple of months ago, the first person perspective horror game has finally arrived and so far, Capcom’s gamble seems to have paid off.

Part of the fun of the experience is trying to escape a large mansion run by the unsettling Baker family who roam the house looking for the player. To help flesh out the story and also provide clues on solving many puzzles located around the plantation, players can come across and watch VHS tapes.

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Thanks to the PS4 Trophies YouTube Channel, players now know exactly where to go to make it through a level unscathed as Ethan’s wife Mia. During this segment, players will be going up against Marguerite Baker, one of the deranged antagonists that dynamically roams the house along with her other family members. Before players can begin this flashback encounter however, they’ll need to locate the specific VHS tape.

Mia’s VHS Tape

Players looking to kick off this event can find the VHS on the second floor of the main house. Once there, look for and enter the Recreation Room. Thankfully, the tape is located right beside a TV and VHS player, so simply pop it in to begin the flashback scene.

Players will essentially need to survive three specific areas where they can be spotted.

First Encounter

After walking over the bridge and into the shack, players will be directed through a door past a large hole on the left. Continue walking past a large pile of TVs to head into a hallway with three doors. This is the first encounter with Marguerite, and considering each of the doors are locked, players are advised to duck behind the large crate.

During these moments, there is no way to defeat the woman, so players will need to stay low and out of sight so the slow walking maniac can follow her path and eventually leave. Once she’s gone, head down the hallway through the door Marguerite first appeared through.

Second Encounter

Going through the door immediately leads into a room with a projector. This also happens to be the second area where players can be spotted, so for now, don’t stop to explore and exit out the back door onto the deck. Hang a right and stay low because Marguerite soon enters the room.

Stay low and hang back as the deranged individual continues to slowly look around and continue her insane dialogue. Unfortunately, this is also the lengthiest encounter, so players will need to stay down and be patient. After about two minutes, she’ll finally retreat back into the house.

Once the coast is clear, head back into the projector room and interact with the statue to begin a shadow puzzle. Turn the piece until it forms a spider shadow on the wall, at which point a secret door opens and the final encounter begins.

Third Encounter

After shuffling through a long and narrow corridor, players will enter the final room. Quickly duck behind the nearest pile of clutter because Marguerite once again appears and will spot players who take too long to hide. Make sure to move around the debris as Marguerite does to stay out her line of sight.

As she moves past the debris, head to the back right of the room to find a crawl space. Follow the main path to reach the end of the encounter and trigger a cutscene. Successful players will also earn the Can’t Catch Me achievement for their troubles as well.

It is worth noting that some players have reported being able to quickly select retry after being spotted to be taken back to the nearest checkpoint and not losing the achievement. While it’s largely unconfirmed at the moment, it may be a valuable option for those who accidentally get spotted by Marguerite.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.