Shortly after Capcom announced Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition for release in Japan, the publisher confirmed that it’s coming to North America as well, but with a different release date. Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition will launch in North America on December 12th, and it will come packaged with all the Banned Footage DLC volumes, the Not A Hero expansion, and the newly announced End of Zoe expansion.

What’s unclear at this point is how much Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition will cost when it releases in North America later this year. We know that its Japanese equivalent will retail for about $45, so it’s possible that Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition will have a budget price in western territories as well.

Another unknown factor is whether or not Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition will have a PS4-exclusive physical release like the game is getting in Japan. It seems likely, as Resident Evil 7 has favored PS4 across the board, giving the console timed-exclusivity to the game’s original set of DLC in addition to timed-exclusivity for its virtual reality features.

Then again, it appears as though there are no further exclusivity deals between Resident Evil 7 and PS4. At the end of the Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition trailer, it states that the new version of the game and all the DLC will launch on December 12th across all platforms. Unless Capcom says something to the contrary, this means that PC and Xbox One gamers shouldn’t have to wait to get their hands on the Chris Redfield DLC or the newly announced End of Zoe expansion.

In the meantime, Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition seems like a smart buy for gamers that have been wanting jump into Resident Evil 7, but have been holding out for one reason or another. By packaging all the post-release content with the base game, it should provide the most complete Resident Evil 7 experience, and if it does end up having a budget price, it should be a steal for fans of the franchise.

Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition will be available on December 12th for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.