Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Video Teases Jack Baker Boss Fight


Capcom releases a new gameplay trailer for Resident Evil 7 that teases the game's first boss fight against the evil patriarch of the Baker family, Jack Baker.

With still a month to go until the full game's release, Capcom has released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming first-person survival-horror game Resident Evil 7. The gameplay video for the game features a heart-pounding encounter with Jack Baker, and gives gamers a good look at what is said to be the first boss fight in Resident Evil 7.

The trailer begins with protagonist Ethan Winters exploring a mansion on the Baker family plantation. Unfortunately for Ethan, he soon crosses paths with the evil Jack Baker, who swings at Ethan with a shovel while chasing him through the house. Instead of trying to engage Jack in a fight, Ethan does his best to avoid him, which seems to be the primary way players will survive enemy encounters in the final game.

The video jumps around a bit, showing Ethan answering a phone call from the mysterious voice that is rumored to be a returning character from the Resident Evil series, and it also shows him exploring other areas of the mansion as well. Ethan eventually winds up in a garage, which is where the supposed boss fight between him and the evil Baker family patriarch truly begins. Get a glimpse of the early game showdown between Ethan Winters and Jack Baker in the trailer below.


The trailer doesn't show the whole fight, but hands-on gameplay sessions from various outlets have offered more details on exactly what happens. While players are free to shoot Jack with a handgun if they so desire, the real trick to defeating him is getting inside the car and using it to smash him into the wall. Doing this enough times will cause the car, and subsequently Jack, to catch on fire.

Unfortunately for Ethan, fire seems to be as ineffective against Jack as bullets, doing little to slow his pursuit of our hero. The trailer ends with Jack finally catching Ethan, lifting him off the ground by the neck and choking him mercilessly. The video fades to black before we can see what happens next, but as we already know from hands-on sessions, Ethan is freed from his predicament by a well-timed car explosion.

Of course, Ethan's momentary safety is only fleeting. The battle with Jack Baker in the garage is Resident Evil 7's first boss fight, and there will likely be many more he has to survive if he hopes to escape the Baker family plantation in one piece. Players can prepare themselves for these battles by trying out Resident Evil 7's Beginning Hour demo, which is already available on PS4 and is making its way to PC and Xbox One later this month.

Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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