In a press release, Capcom reveals new sales figures for Resident Evil 7 including the fact that the game has already shipped out 2.5 million copies in less than a week.

After a couple of middling releases, Capcom has once again struck gold with Resident Evil 7. Following a wave of positive critical and fan reception, it seems both the franchise and fanbase has once again been reinvigorated thanks to the mix of familiar and fresh ideas in the game. Part of the success is owed to a great marketing campaign, including a well received stand alone demo, which helped the game become a popular one to stream. That excitement has translated into sales, with Capcom reporting the larger than expected numbers after the first few days on the market.

In an official press release, Capcom reveals that it has already shipped 2.5 million copies of its latest entry in the long running running horror franchise, Resident Evil 7. While it may not be setting any sales records, this is still a very good start for the game and its sales projections which Capcom originally predicted would sell 4 million copies by the end of its fiscal year on March 31, 2017.


A record that did manage to break for the series was the amount of times that the Resident Evil 7 demo was downloaded. Largely propelled by word of mouth, gamers downloaded the demo a staggering 7.15 million times since it launched last month. Based on all this good news, Capcom has updated its cumulative sales figures for the entire franchise now settling on an a massive 75 million in sales.

“Further, with the new RE ENGINE, a proprietary game engine developed in-house for this title, Capcom has pushed hardware specifications to their limits. As a result, the title garnered attention worldwide, with the demo version exceeding 7.15 million downloads—a record for the series—and the game selling more than 2.5 million units.”

Even with its early successes, Capcom plans to keep the momentum rolling well into the spring with additional downloadable content. The first batch, known as The Banned Footage Vol 1, introduces two new story chapters including gameplay that requires players to escape a bedroom without alerting the creepy matriarch, Marguerite Baker. Ethan Must Die is another game mode, that Capcom is calling tough as nails, even if details have not been divulged as of yet. PlayStation 4 owners can pick up this content next week, while Xbox One and PC users will need to wait a few weeks later.

Outside of the paid content, players looking for additional story based content may not have to wait too long. A potential leak of upcoming free DLC also hit the internet last week for something called Not a Hero. According to the leak, the content focuses on a different protagonist in an effort to flesh out additional sections of the story line. Interestingly enough, gameplay is not expected to follow the style present in the base game. Whether this means the camera goes back to the more traditional style, or more action is added to the experience is anyone’s guess until Capcom officially reveals the content.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.