Listings on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace reveal the file size for Resident Evil 7, indicating that the game will not require much hard drive space.

With Resident Evil 7‘s release right around the corner, some fans have expressed concern that the game will not be the big blockbuster title Capcom has made it out to be. In fact, it’s been reported that Resident Evil 7 can be beaten in 10 hours or less, making it seem like a smaller experience than some fans expected. Resident Evil 7‘s file size has now been revealed on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, providing further evidence that the game may be rather small compared to most modern titles.

As reported by VG 24/7Resident Evil 7‘s file size on Xbox One is 20.21GB and 20.7GB on PlayStation 4. The game’s file size on PC hasn’t been revealed, possibly because it is releasing through numerous digital marketplaces on the platform, but we do know that it requires 24GB of free space. Considering this, it’s likely that the PC version of Resident Evil 7, regardless of if people pick up the Steam version or the Windows 10 release, will likely have a similar file size to its console counterparts.

Last generation, a 20GB download would have been considered massive, but in today’s gaming climate, it’s not big at all. In fact, there are updates for some games that dwarf Resident Evil 7‘s file size, which may make some fans worried that the game will not be large enough to justify its $60 price tag. However, file size and the length of a game don’t necessarily equate to a quality experience.

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Few of the past Resident Evil games take more than 10 hours to beat. Most of them can be completed between five to 10 hours without too much trouble, but the games make up for their short length with a significant amount of replay value, by including elements like secrets to discover and multiple endings to see. Resident Evil 7‘s Beginning Hour demo, in all three of its forms, featured multiple endings, so it’s possible that the final game carries on the franchise’s tradition of replayability as well.

Beyond multiple endings for players to pursue, high replay value could come from a couple of other areas. For one, the Baker family encounters are dynamic, meaning that players can keep replaying the game for unexpected scares. Secondly, there is a Madhouse difficulty for players to check out once they’ve mastered the game on easier settings that makes enemies stronger and limits the number of times they can save the game, among other things.

For all we know, Resident Evil 7 may stumble with its execution of the first-person viewpoint or it may fail to deliver a compelling story, but it seems unlikely its size will play much of a factor when it comes to the quality of the game. Luckily for fans of the franchise, Resident Evil 7 is scheduled to release next week, and we will know then exactly how much it is bringing to the table.

Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.