Follow this Resident Evil 7 guide to collect all 32 files in the game, which will flesh out the story of the Baker Family and unlock the Devil in the Details trophy/achievement.

Although Resident Evil 7 is not littered with collectibles, what is there helps add back into the game in some important ways. The Antique Coins, for example, help players unlock upgrades, while the various optional weapons will assist them with the game’s more challenging boss battles. And then there are the various Files scattered throughout Resident Evil 7, which further expand on the story of the Baker Family and more.

In total, there are 32 files scattered across Resident Evil 7’s campaign, some of which are newspaper clippings, while others are important documents. Picking up all 32 isn’t too much of a chore and will actually help players better understand what is going on in the game, and how this series entry ties in with the rest of Resident Evil lore. And most importantly, collecting all 32 files will unlock the ‘Devil in the Details’ trophy/achievement, for those 100% players out there.

Check out the full Resident Evil 7 file location walkthrough (via Random Chievo’s) below:

It’s important to note that certain files must be completely viewed before players will get credit for having “collected” them. That means looking at both sides of a piece of paper, making sure that all messages are in clear view.

The run itself is slightly more difficult than collecting all of the Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads, since the files obviously don’t make any noise when players are nearby. But we’d recommend seeking them out, if only to better understand the story beats within Resident Evil 7. There are some truly cool moments in the game, and some that are actually only explained via the files.


For a game that has been as highly anticipated as Resident Evil 7, it’s safe to say that Capcom delivered on its promise to revamp the series, while also bringing it back to its roots. Resident Evil 7 reviews have been mostly positive, and the fans seem to like the game as well. There wouldn’t have been such a mad dash to get leaked copies of the game if the scuttlebutt wasn’t somewhat positive.

Beyond the base Resident Evil 7 experience, gamers have quite a few things to look forward to thanks to Capcom’s aggressive post-release DLC plans. We already know that next week will see the release of the first Banned Tapes DLC, and another piece of story content will follow in early February – first on PS4 and then a little later on PC and Xbox One. In other words, the Resident Evil 7 hype is only building, and it should continue for at least the next few weeks.

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Resident Evil 7 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.