Resident Evil 7 Trailer: Could a Familiar Character Return?

Resident Evil 7 Trailer: Could a Familiar Character Return? - Resident Evil 7 phone

Capcom releases a short new trailer for the upcoming horror game Resident Evil 7, possibly featuring a phone call from a character seen in a previous Resident Evil game.

With just a few months left until Resident Evil VII lands on store shelves, Capcom has started ramping up its efforts to build hype for the game. This has included the release of the spooky Kitchen demo for PlayStation VR units yesterday, as well as a new trailer that Capcom has revealed today, featuring a phone call from someone that sounds eerily similar to a character from a past Resident Evil game.

In the little teaser video for Resident Evil VII released by Capcom, it shows the player character, an unlucky guy named Ethan, as he goes to answer multiple phones, presumably spread out around the Baker family plantation. We only hear one phone call, but the implication is that Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5 is the mysterious caller that players will be answering calls from throughout the game.

For the those that may be unfamiliar with Resident Evil 5, Sheva Alomar served as Chris Redfield's partner in that game. In Resident Evil VII, the supposed Sheva's message to players is as follows:  "You really shouldn't have come here."


In the Beginning Hour demo, players are able to answer a phone call similar to the calls depicted in this new trailer. However, the person on the other end sounds different than the individual speaking in the trailer. In fact, some have surmised that the caller heard in the Beginning Hour demo and its Twilight Version update is another character from Resident Evil's past, the dangerous Ada Wong.

While these voices may sound like Ada Wong and Sheva Alomar, it's worth noting that Capcom may not bring back any of the characters from previous games to have a role in Resident Evil VII. We know that Leon S. Kennedy isn't in the game, and the voice actor behind Leon stated as much, believing that there won't be any appearances from classic series characters.

If Leon's voice actor is right, then it's hard to say if the voices players hear when answering the phones in Resident Evil VII belong to past series characters like Ada and Sheva or not. It's possible that when Capcom releases the planned third update for the demo that the some unsolved mysteries will be solved and the identity of at least one of the callers will be revealed, but if not, then fans will have to wait until Resident Evil VII launches early next year to find out who is calling.

Resident Evil VII will be available on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot

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