Resident Evil 7 carries on the franchise’s tradition of having multiple endings, and here’s what players need to do to see both of the game’s endings.

Like past Resident Evil games, the recently released Resident Evil 7 features multiple endings to inject some replay value into the experience. From a gameplay perspective, Resident Evil 7‘s two endings aren’t drastically different, but there are some significant story differences between them.

It’s worth taking the time to unlock both endings in Resident Evil 7 not only to see the story differences, but because each ending has an achievement/trophy tied to it. For achievement/trophy hunters and those that simply want to see what both endings have to offer, read on to learn how to see both endings. However, be warned that there will be some spoilers for the game.

When to Save

Resident Evil 7 Ending Guide - Resident Evil 7 save point

Resident Evil 7‘s story splits off at a very specific part of the game, so for those that want to see both endings with minimal legwork, it’s important to know where to save the game so they don’t have to start it over from the beginning. Players will be able to access a save room right before reaching the Boat House area, and that is where they will want to create an extra save file before progressing.

Players reach this save room right before yet another Jack Baker boss fight, so they will want to make sure they have sufficient healing items and ammunition before attempting to see the endings.

How to Get Endings 1 and 2


After once again defeating Jack Baker, players will have the serum necessary to cure the disease plaguing the family. However, there’s only one serum left, and so players are left to decide whether they should give it to Mia Winters or Zoe Baker. This is the moment in the game where the story branches off into two paths, and what choice players make here will cement which ending they see.

To get ending 1, or the “good” ending, Ethan needs to give the serum to Mia instead of Zoe. Doing this will trigger a cut-scene that then leads to a section in a large shipwreck, and from there to the end credits, players can do whatever they want and it won’t change the ending of the game. Seeing ending 1 will unlock the achievement/trophy called “End of the Night.”

In order to see the second ending and unlock the achievement/trophy called “Just A Memory Now,” players will have to load their save right before the Boat House section, or they will need to start over and play all the way to the serum choice. Then upon returning to that fateful part of the game, simply give the serum to Zoe instead of Mia. Gameplay will be largely unchanged, and in fact, the two paths are almost identical, but there are some notable exceptions.

Differences Between the Endings

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to Beat Mia - Mia Baker

Besides changing the people that try to escape through the swamp on the boat, there’s some big changes between the two endings. Those that would rather see the differences between the two Resident Evil 7 endings themselves will want to avoid the upcoming spoilers, but anyone that’s just trying to find out what’s different between the two endings can read on.

One big difference between the two endings is that players learn certain secrets about Mia much faster in Zoe’s ending, as Zoe reveals all to Ethan while the two of them are speeding away on the boat. The same information is learned if players choose to cure Mia, but it is spread out over the course of the entire experience on the ship.

Another major difference between the two endings occurs once Mia and Ethan are reunited on the ship. In Mia’s ending, she is able to take the steps necessary to save Ethan herself, but if players chose to cure Zoe, they have to face Mia’s wrath. Regardless of if players fight Mia or are saved by her, though, both endings are then identical up until the very last moments.

In the final moments of Mia’s ending, she survives her horrific night on the Baker family plantation and receives medical treatment on the escape helicopter. In Zoe’s ending, Mia isn’t so lucky, and Ethan escapes in the helicopter, depressed that after all they went through, he still failed to save his wife from a grisly fate.


Even after players have seen both endings for Resident Evil 7, there’s still more to do in the game. Skilled players can try their luck playing through the game on Madhouse difficulty, and others can search the Baker family plantation to gather all of the hidden collectibles. After those challenges have been conquered, fans should rest assured knowing that their Resident Evil 7 adventures are likely far from over.

That’s because Capcom has extensive post-launch support plans for Resident Evil 7, which will include DLC VHS tapes, brand new game modes, and much more to keep fans engaged with the game long after the credits roll.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.