Capcom is NOT Announcing ‘Resident Evil 7’ at E3

By | 3 years ago 

The zombie apocalypse has been put on hold, or at least until some time after E3. Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 7 will not be announced at this year’s trade show after rumors surfaced claiming they were.

The rumor in question coincided with a poster — now proven to be fake — that featured a gooey looking 7, the Resident Evil title, and a tagline that read “The War Ends Now.” Not exactly sure what war they mean, as Resident Evil hasn’t been so much about a war, but survival.

This news should be particularly soothing to Resident Evil fans that felt the series lost its focus with Resident Evil 6. Clearly Capcom needs to take some time to rethink the franchise’s appeals and better understand what it is fans want from a sequel. Rushing out a proper Resident Evil 7 wasn’t going to allow for that.

Not to mention, Capcom recently rolled out a console version of the 3DS title, Resident Evil: Revelations. And apparently, Capcom plans to use the response from that release to determine where to take the franchise in the future. That game was certainly much more in line with RE4 than number 6 (read our review), but it still had some rough spots.

Fake Resident Evil 7 Poster

That being said, we wouldn’t be surprised if Resident Evil 7 was announced within the next year. After all, it was only a few short months after Resident Evil 5‘s release that Capcom teased a sixth iteration. And, on its face, that game looked like the be-all and end-all of Resident Evil games.

Unfortunately, an intertwining narrative featuring a large number of fan-favorite characters could not overshadow some really shoddy level design and frustrating mechanics. Some of those issues have been patched since then, but the damage to the franchise was already done.

Would you like to see a Resident Evil 7 sooner rather than later? Do you think the franchise needs significant rebooting after number 6?

Source: Geimaku