Although Resident Evil 7 focuses on a new location and new characters for the most part, Capcom is preparing to offer some franchise fan service by bringing a fan-favorite character back into the narrative. This spring’s Not A Hero Resident Evil 7 DLC will feature the comeback of Chris Redfield.

Chris Redfield is a character as old as the franchise itself. The special ops agent made his first appearance in the original Resident Evil game as a playable protagonist and he was seen alive as recently as Resident Evil 6. Capcom hasn’t detailed ‘who or what he’ll be chasing’ in the Not A Hero DLC, but fans can expect more details to arrive soon. The Not A Hero DLC will be free to all players this spring, but there isn’t an official release date yet.

Resident Evil 7 spoilers follow…

resident-evil-7-soldiers-chris. resident-evil-7-chris-with-gun

Gamers who have already played through RE7, which doesn’t take more than a handful of hours, are aware that Chris actually shows up and makes a cameo before the end of the main campaign. The character simply introduces himself as Redfield in the game, so some players doubted it was actually Chris. That fact, combined with his association with Umbrella and the significant difference in appearance from RE5 and RE6, have led to some interesting conspiracy theories.

It seems unlikely that Capcom would outright lie about the character’s identity in its recent tweet, so we’re inclined to believe that this is actually Chris Redfield and that his true motivations will be revealed in the upcoming DLC.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.