Resident Evil 7 Demo Hits Xbox One


The video game publisher and developer Capcom officially releases the playable demo for its forthcoming survival-horror title Resident Evil 7 on the Xbox One.

As many gaming fans will surely recall, back when Resident Evil 7 was first announced, Capcom offered up the Beginning Hour demo as a sparse version of the playable trial available exclusively to PlayStation 4 owners at that point in time. However, yesterday, the company officially opened up the demo for the seventh entry in its long-running survival-horror franchise on the Xbox One.

Fans on Xbox One who have yet to experience the Beginning Hour demo would do well to download it, for not only is it free, but also it only takes up roughly 3.64 gigabytes of hard drive space. Not to mention, the teaser should provide players on Microsoft's console an ample idea of how Resident Evil 7 will differ from previous entries in the series in terms of mechanics, aesthetics, and perspective, for as far as the latter aspect is concerned, fans will take on the role of the main character in first-person view.

While PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fans are now able to try out Resident Evil 7's demo, fans on the PC platform still have a little bit of a wait in store. However, it won't be too long before the teaser makes its way onto Steam, for PC gets it on December 19.


Soon enough, fans of Resident Evil 7 on all of its platforms will be able attempt an escape from the sinister and supernatural Baker family's decrepit, dilapidated estate with their lives in tow. Interestingly enough, even PlayStation VR received a demo all of its own. Plus, since PlayStation 4 was given a short version of the demo at the outset, PC and Xbox One fans ought to be able to reach one of the teaser trial’s two separate endings when they play it from the get-go.

When Resident Evil 7 fans are all given a chance to give the demo a go on the title's respective platforms, it will be interesting to see if further interest in the title gets generated and leads to positive sales on the game's launch day early next year. Capcom is already confident in the survival-horror release's ability to sell well, as the company has projected moving 4 million units on day one when it comes to sales.

Of course, it's also quite possible that Resident Evil 7's demo could potentially turn some fans away from purchasing the title on its first day of availability. Nevertheless, only time will tell whether or not Resident Evil 7 is able to give the franchise the shot in the arm that it needs both financially, and in terms of quality.

Resident Evil 7 is set to release on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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