Resident Evil 7 Demo No Longer Requires PS Plus Subscription


Fans of Capcom's Beginning Hour demo for its survival-horror title Resident Evil 7 can now download the teaser without the requirement of a PlayStation Plus subscription.

As many Resident Evil 7 fans are likely aware at this point, the game's Beginning Hour demo recently received a "Twilight Version" update that allows players to explore even more of the teaser's spooky, dilapidated mansion. While that definitely should be exciting to the survival-horror franchise's legions of followers, perhaps what's more invigorating is the fact that the demo can now be downloaded on the PS4 without having to own a membership to the PlayStation Plus subscription service.

Just prior to this change to the stipulations of acquiring Resident Evil 7's Beginning Hour demo, Capcom announced that the teaser has garnered up to 3 million downloads since its release back in June of this year. As many folks will likely agree, such a figure is definitely impressive, especially considering the fact it's only obtainable on the PlayStation 4 and that only fans who were paying for a PS Plus membership could access it at that point in time.

Back in July, the Resident Evil 7 demo set a record to become the most downloaded single-player demo on the PlayStation 4, and did so within the first seven days of its release for North American audiences. The official numbers for that particular feat showed Beginning Hour as having been downloaded 2 million times.


Of course, should Capcom eventually allow Resident Evil 7 fans to play the Beginning Hour demo on the other two platforms supporting the forthcoming game — that is, PC and Xbox One — the download statistics would surely grow to astronomical proportions. Nevertheless, the publisher and developer has yet to publicly declare as to whether or not such an offer would be extended to players on other platforms.

For those unaware, Beginning Hour is intended to be a prologue to the proper Resident Evil 7 story, but it will not be a part of the full game, which is set to feature a completely different protagonist altogether. Furthermore, the teaser contains a veritable cornucopia of mysterious content for those adventurous enough to explore the Baker's decrepit home, as it has multiple endings and secrets.

Beyond Resident Evil 7's Beginning Hour demo, not too much is known in regards to what the actual game's overarching narrative will contain upon its release next year other than some story details discovered in the ESRB's rating for the title. Naturally, though, it will be interesting to see how many fans flock to purchase Resident Evil 7 when it launches thanks to the creepy atmosphere, imagery, and themes found in the Beginning Hour demo.

Resident Evil 7 is set to launch on January 24, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: PlayStation Store (via GameSpot)

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