Resident Evil 7 Demo Guide: How to Solve the Dummy Finger Mystery


The updated Resident Evil 7 demo unlocks the secret behind the mysterious finger. Here is how to use the finger to solve some murders and unlock a new item.

When the Resident Evil 7 demo was released after E3 2016, gamers were quick to tear the short teaser apart looking for clues and riddles. One of the mysteries that went unsolved for months was the presence of a mannequin finger that was found in a drawer. The item seemingly had no use or function, but now that the updated demo has been released, Resident Evil 7 demo players can finally put the finger to use.

The updated demo offers a more robust experience and gives players the chance to actually encounter some enemies and solve a number of new mysteries in the creepy old house. With the help of this guide, players should be able to use the finger to solve a series of mysteries and eventually be rewarded with an item that will likely be useful when the full game is released... Hopefully.

This is a mystery that would be pretty hard to crack solo, so here is the step-by-step (with some help from GamesRadar) for those who are interested...

Obtain the Notebook

Before leaving the starting room, activate the hidden switch in the fireplace. Go through the secret passage, grab the fuse, and put it in the fuse box. Once the fuse is in place, head out of the room and through the mold covered door to the right. This is the new area and players will find a drawer about halfway down the corridor on the right. Open that up and grab the notebook.

Go Upstairs and Read the Message

Once the notebook is obtained, it's time to grab the finger and head upstairs. Grab the finger from the drawer in the hallway and head up to the attic. Activate the switch and head to the room with a window on the top level. Grab the Celluloid Object from behind the pile of trash and combine it with the finger to create a hand.

At this point, players should see a message on the wall near a locked door. After reading the message players hear a giggle that will recur throughout this puzzle. A new message should now appear in the notebook.

Visit The Fallen Bookshelf

Head downstairs and visit the fallen bookshelf by the front door. Open the inventory, examine the hand, and position it so that it is pointing at the bin liners and bookshelf. When the hand is in the right position players should hear some noises and the murder has been solved. There will now be additional bloody handprints on the message in the attic.

Find the Light


Grab the video from the locked cabinet while at this point in the puzzle (use the bolt cutters). Afterwards, head back upstairs and go past the room with the window. Around the corner is a boarded up door and a light. Stare at the light until the giggle noise is triggered.

Visit the Body

Head to the basement, which may need to be cleared out if it hasn't been visit yet. Collect the valve and the key from the hanging doll. Examine the finger and point it at the body near the back of the basement. Noises should trigger and the murder is solved.

Bag Lady

Head upstairs to the main level and visit the portrait of a woman with a bag on her head by the main stairs. Hit the portrait with the hatcher or shoot it with a gun until the giggle is heard.

To solve this mystery, players need to go under the stairs and point at the boarded up door.


The Mirror

Leave this room and face the mirror outside the door. Move backwards and hit the circle button to do a quick 180. This should trigger the next giggle.

Back to the Attic

Head all the way up to the attic and locate the wires hanging from the beam in the far left corner. Point where the wires cross and the fourth mystery should be solved.

VHS Time

The final murder mystery involves watching the VHS mission. While watching the video, be sure to look at the doll in the basement. This has reportedly taken some players multiple attempts to pull off. Finish watching the video and then head to the basement and find the doll on the floor to the right of the body bag room. This is when you should hear the giggle. If it doesn't work, watch the tape again and retry.

Head to the Kitchen

Player should then make their way to the kitchen and locate the cooking pot. Point at it to unlock the final mystery.

Collect the Reward

At this point, all murders have been solved and it's time to claim the reward and get out of dodge. Head up to the attic and the door should now be covered in the bloody handprints and be unlocked. Inside players will find a nice message congratulating them on their sleuthing and they can pick up the dirty coin. There are no clues what this item does yet, but hopefully it will unlock something exciting in the final version of the game.

Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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