Resident Evil 7 Demo Guide: All Endings and Secrets

Resident Evil 7 Demo Guide: All Endings and Secrets - Resident Evil 7 demo door

Use this guide to the recently released Resident Evil 7 PlayStation Plus demo to see all the endings, find all the hidden items, and discover all the secrets.

One of the biggest surprises from Sony's E3 2016 press conference was the reveal of Resident Evil VII as a first-person exploratory horror game. Capcom then took the surprise a step further by taking a page out of Hideo Kojima's playbook, releasing a P.T.-like demo for the game shortly after its announcement at E3.

Like its inspiration, the Resident Evil VII demo is filled with secrets and has multiple endings. While there are likely still some secrets yet to be discovered in the creepy farmhouse players can explore in the demo, this guide reveals everything that's been found so far.

1. Ending 1 - Escape the House

Resident Evil 7 Demo Guide: All Endings and Secrets - Resident Evil 7 demo kitchen

The first ending in the game asks the most out of players and the unnamed main character. At the start, read the note left on the table, and then head out into the adjacent hallway. Walk through the kitchen to find a chained closet. Walk past it and down the hall to find a locked door, some gore, and bolt cutters.

Grab the bolt cutters, enjoy the jump scare, and then return to the chained closet doors. As one could probably guess, the bolt cutters are used to cut the chains on the closet. Retrieve the VHS tape found inside the closet, and then backtrack to the room where the demo began. Approach the TV and pop the tape into the VCR.

In an interesting turn of events, players will then be able to control themselves in the tape. Follow Clancy's fellow filmmakers into the farm house, and then go with them into the kitchen. Hang out with them in the kitchen until one goes missing. Then follow the host to the room with the TV. He will examine the fireplace, discovering a secret lever in the process. After he pulls the lever, a panel on the wall opens up. Crouch to move through the panel to find a hidden ladder.

Go down the ladder to see a scene straight out of the Blair Witch Project. This disturbing scene will signal the conclusion of the tape, and players resume control of the main character in present time. Read the altered note left by the TV, and then go to the fireplace and pull the lever. Go back through the open panel, and move to where the ladder was. The ladder will be missing, but a key will be lying here.

Grab the key and then backtrack to where the bolt cutters were retrieved. Use the key on the red door and then open it. A short scene will play, signaling one of the multiple conclusions to the Resident Evil VII demo.

2. Ending 2 - Phone Call

Resident Evil 7 Trailer: Could a Familiar Character Return? - Resident Evil 7 phone

There are actually two different versions of this ending, but the only difference is what is said during the phone call. The quickest way to trigger this ending is to simply open the panel on the wall as soon as the main character wakes up. Again, that is done by pulling the secret lever in the fireplace.

Go through the panel and check out the table in the corner to find a fuse. The fuse box is located on the wall in the room with the TV, so place the fuse in the fuse box, and then go into the hallway.

Walk up the stairs to find some creepy mannequins first seen in the Resident Evil VII reveal trailer and a button on a post labeled "stairs." Push the button to make the stairs to the attic drop from the ceiling. Ascend the attic stairs to find another door that can be opened, and head on through. Take note of the photograph lying next to the phone (an Umbrella helicopter?) and answer the phone itself to listen to a message from a mysterious woman.

Trying to leave this room after listening to the phone call will end the game. To listen to a slightly different phone call from the same mysterious woman - who some have theorized to be longtime Resident Evil anti-hero Ada Wong - repeat the steps above, but go through the trouble of collecting the key first.

3. Bonus Items and Other Secrets

Resident Evil 7 Demo Guide: All Endings and Secrets - Resident Evil 7 demo staircase

The endings only scratch the surface of what can be found in the Resident Evil VII demo, as there are many other items in the house that can be interacted with that don't seem to serve any meaningful purpose. For example, players can use the piano in the TV room, open the microwave in the kitchen, and more.

There are also some items that don't seem to serve a purpose as well, or at least, their purpose has yet to be discovered. Perhaps the most notorious of these items is the dummy finger, found in a drawer in the hallway, which appears to be completely useless.

Players can also collect an axe, though like the dummy finger, its purpose is unknown. While the Resident Evil VII demo won't be in the main game, perhaps the axe is included in the demo just to give players an idea of what melee combat will be like in the final release.

Regardless of its purpose, getting the axe is a little tricky. The first step is in the VHS tape portion of the demo. While in the kitchen, check the floor between the microwave counter and the refrigerator to find a lockpick. Use the lockpick on the locked blue cabinet drawer in the kitchen. While in the VHS tape world, there will be nothing in the drawer, but upon returning to present day, players will discover an axe waiting there. The axe can be used to smash boxes upstairs, and also the mannequin that will spawn at the top of the stairs. Smashing things with the axe doesn't appear to progress the demo's story in any capacity, however.

Finally, the last secret players should be aware of when playing the Resident Evil VII demo is the ghostly apparition of a woman that appears at various points. So far, she's been seen through the kitchen window, out in the woods at the beginning of the VHS tape section, on the stairs, and at other places around the farmhouse. Who this woman is and what her connection is to the story is unknown.

Opinion: Capcom Fumbled Resident Evil Demo - Broken mannequin head candle

As previously stated, there's likely many more secrets left to discover in the Resident Evil VII demo. Like the cancelled Silent Hills playable teaser P.T., it may take days, weeks, or even months for players to solve all the puzzles in the demo. If revelations come about as to the purpose of the axe or what the dummy finger does, we will update this guide accordingly.

Have you found any secrets in the Resident Evil 7 demo that we didn't point out? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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