Capcom declares that the game developers for its forthcoming horror title, Resident Evil 7, are paying attention to fan feedback regarding the release’s demo.

Ever since the reveal of Resident Evil 7‘s The Beginning Hour demo during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference, fans have been eager to get any information regarding the forthcoming title, especially since the demo leaves players with many lingering questions and mysteries. With this being the case, a lot of gamers who have experienced its gameplay are left wondering whether or not developers intended for players to actually complete the main goal of escaping the house in one piece.

Interestingly enough, a representative for Capcom recently spoke to IGN on the matter of finding the Resident Evil 7 demo’s “real” ending, and declared that the game developer is making sure to track fans’ feedback after playing through it. However, the studio’s spokesperson failed to deliver a clear answer if it is indeed possible to make it out of the house alive.

“We hope fans are enjoying the demo and discovering all it has to offer. While we can’t confirm any specifics about the demo, the team is definitely keeping an eye on all the feedback.”

As some fans may be aware, the Resident Evil 7 demo is has multiple endings, hidden items, and secrets to discover, so the Capcom representative’s statement above isn’t too helpful. For instance, loads of players are still trying to come up with a clear cut answer when it comes to a solution to the dummy finger, the axe, and the ghost girl mysteries.


In truth, the only real bit of concrete knowledge we have when it comes to the demo’s contents relating to Resident Evil 7 is that the gameplay experienced won’t be in the full release. That said, Capcom developers have described The Beginning Hour as a “tonal preview” of what fans can expect once the title drops next year.

When speaking about the final product, Resident Evil 7‘s director Kōshi Nakanishi has stated that the full game is not going to be a simple ghost story as the demo would have fans believe. The forthcoming sequel’s director has assured gamers that the seventh proper installment in the series is going to contain all of the “key pillars” of the franchise, including frightening horror, environment exploration, puzzle-solving, survivalist resource management, as well as intense combat. Not to mention, herbs are making a comeback.

Although Capcom has said it is monitoring player feedback for Resident Evil 7‘s The Beginning Hour, there are fans who aren’t convinced the studio did a good enough job when it comes to putting out the demo in the first place. As it happens, some gamers are of the opinion that Capcom fumbled the demo’s release, leading to lowered expectations for the title’s release in 2017. Nevertheless, with little to go on at this point in time as to how the full version of Resident Evil 7 will play upon its launch, it’s best to reserve judgment until a true preview of its in-game assets are shown to the public.

Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN