Players of Capcom’s demo for its forthcoming survival-horror title, Resident Evil 7, datamine the trial to discover the potential return of a character from the series.


It’s no secret at this point that Resident Evil 7 is one of the most anticipated horror games of 2017, especially when one acknowledges the fact that fans of the franchise have waited nearly five years for an official numbered entry in the series to follow up 2012’s sixth installment. Of course, considering Capcom’s rather cryptic marketing ploys when it comes to¬†Resident Evil 7, fans have been scouring for clues related to what the forthcoming survival-horror title will contain, which has led many to datamine the game’s Beginning Hour demo for hidden secrets.

As initially reported by Eurogamer, dataminers have uncovered loads of information that has now led to the discovery of the potential return of the series’ frequent villain Albert Wesker. Since there’s a veritable mountain of data through which to sift, the NeoGAF user Jawmuncher has compiled a rather massive thread of all the details, with one subsection notably focusing on all of the mentions of the first name “Albert.”

As seen in the bulleted list below, one of the files from Resident Evil 7 is called “LastBossGetAlbert,” which suggests the character’s role in the campaign. Not only could Wesker prospectively be the final big bad of Resident Evil 7, but also there could be an unlockable reward for beating him with the file titled “LastBossFinishGetGun” implying as much. Nevertheless, it’s quite possible that the name Albert could belong to a completely different character altogether since one file suggests the inclusion of a new character called “Eveline Albert.” Not to mention, these file names could simply be misleading, so it’s best to take the information with a huge dose of salt.

  • HandGun_Albert_Reward
  • Shotgun_Albert
  • WeaponHandgunAlbertAppend
  • LastBossFinishGetGun
  • LastBossGetAlbert
  • AlbertInteract
  • AlbertGet
  • AlbertWeapon
  • AlbertDamageCount
  • isDamagedByAlbert


Furthermore, it’s also important to mention that not everything found within the Resident Evil 7 demo datamine will end up being featured in the final version of the game. Of course, some of these could be spot on references to what RE 7 could have, with the file name “FinalFather/MotherBattle” likely being a nod to the Maguerite Baker encounter and Jack Baker boss fight. Plus, the list of weapons found within the datamine such as the chainsaw, knife, shotgun, and grenade launcher line up with what has been confirmed to be in the game thanks to the ESRB ratings board’s unintentional leak of story details.

Bearing all of this in mind, it still remains to be seen as to what all the finished product of Resident Evil 7 will contain, and it’s safe to presume that Capcom won’t corroborate any of the findings in the demo’s datamine. After all, the studio has even teased the return of a familiar character before, and it didn’t so much as provide an official answer to their identity, so fans will likely continue to remain in the dark until Resident Evil 7 launches early next year.

What do you think about the potential return of Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 7? Do you believe the file names are really a reference to Wesker, or is it another character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Resident Evil 7 is set to release on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.