Resident Evil 7 features some of the crafting elements that have become synonymous with the survival horror series. Here’s Game Rant’s guide to every crafting recipe.

Resident Evil 7 has done what Capcom wanted it to do. The newest instalment in the world famous survival horror series has seen rave reviews coming its way since its release a few days ago, and Resident Evil 7 has already sold 2.5 million units in its first week available. It has been a long time since Resident Evil has been on top of the gaming world, and its latest trip to the summit is a well-deserved one charted on the backs of a wonderfully claustrophobic atmosphere and engaging battles against various forms of unspeakable terrors.

While Resident Evil 7 has changed many of the gameplay elements that characterized its predecessors – one of the biggest and most controversial of them all being Resident Evil 7‘s shift to a first-person view, which has been widely praised post-release – it’s also a return to some of the more nostalgic features of the Resident Evil series. The campy, cheesy horror might have been replaced by some genuinely unsettling scenes, but the main character still needs to collect herbs in Resident Evil 7 to survive, and particularly wily players will still see themselves rewarded for exploring the crafting system within the game.

Resident Evil‘s crafting system really took center stage in its most luminary form in Resident Evil 4, and the titles that followed have all attempted to mimic the depth of that version to varying degrees of success. Resident Evil 7 has gone in a different direction with its crafting, however, choosing to give players a sparse few options to choose from rather than a deluge of over-powered combinations and healing items. Sure, Resident Evil 7 has a flamethrower, but keeping that flamethrower fueled and functional takes significantly more effort than in past Resident Evil titles.

To that end, Game Rant has compiled a list of all the different crafting recipes available to players in Resident Evil 7. There aren’t many to choose from, and they are all rooted in two different reagents, but it is vital that gamers memorize and employ these crafting recipes to their fullest. Resident Evil 7 can be an unforgiving game, especially on higher difficulties, and a number of jump scare scenes and sudden battles can leave players on the back foot and needing a healing item in a hurry. Best be sure that gamers don’t run out, then:

Chem Fluid Reagents

The following items combine with the Chem Fluid reagent to produce various useful items. Chem Fluid is the more common reagent of the two found in Resident Evil 7, so management of it as a resource is not as big a priority except very early in the game.

  • Chem Fluid + Gunpowder = Handgun Bullets
  • Chem Fluid + Herb = First-Aid Med
  • Chem Fluid + Solid Fuel = Burner Fuel
  • Chem Fluid + Supplements = Psychostimulants

Unless players are having difficulty seeing the area around them and are particularly prone to panicking whenever an enemy appears out of a dark corner, we recommend focusing on First-Aid Meds as a priority with ammo following closely behind. Psychostimulants are nice, but relatively less useful than the other three items.

resident evil 7 healing animation

Strong Chem Fluid Reagents

The following items combine with the Strong Chem Fluid reagent to produce various useful items. Strong Chem Fluid is more difficult to find, especially earlier in the game, so management of this resource is crucial to player success. What players make with the Strong Chem Fluid should be a reflection of their strengths and weaknesses in Resident Evil 7 – if a player doesn’t take much damage because they are efficient in combat, for instance, they should focus on making rounds rather than healing items.

  • Strong Chem Fluid + Gunpowder = Enhanced Handgun Ammo
  • Strong Chem Fluid + Herb = Strong First Aid Med
  • Strong Chem Fluid + Solid Fuel = Flame Rounds
  • Strong Chem Fluid + Supplements = Neuro Rounds

Overall, there isn’t much to be confused about when it comes to Resident Evil 7‘s crafting, although the scarcity of reagents can make each item players make vitally important to the success of their journey. Keeping in mind what each recipe produces and how often those items will come in handy are crucial in completing Resident Evil 7 and getting to its hotly debated ending, which, combined with the success of Resident Evil 7‘s gameplay, has made fans of the series incredibly excited about its future.

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Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.