'Resident Evil 7' Development Confirmed?

Resident Evil 7 Release

Some interesting information was recently discovered that may unofficially confirm another unsurprising installment to the Resident Evil series. The last two notable console entries to the series - not including Resident Evil: Revelations - have arguably tarnished the brand and excitement isn't as high as it should be for another sequel.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was blasted critically and by fans, serving as an indicator that the Resident Evil franchise had become a cash cow, aiming to appeal to the action-focused "mainstream" gamer audience, but it failed in every way. Then came Resident Evil 6 with mixed reviews, also under-performing. The general consensus was that Capcom had run out of ideas (although former Epic Games dev Cliff Bleszinski wants to help!), and that the series - once embracing the survival-horror genre - had lots its identity.

Can Capcom find the right balance between Resident Evil 4's tone and Resident Evil 5's gameplay and cinematic quality? The optimism (or pessimism) can begin now since a costume designer's recently discovered resume listed Resident Evil 7 as a project he had worked on. A thread on NeoGaf displays what was actually written on the costume designer's LinkedIn profile prior to its removal.

The profile showed that the costume designer was employed by House of Moves, which has done work on several major video games including Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Gears of War 3. The alleged costume work on 'Resident Evil 7' had been done during a three month span from November 2012 to January 2013.

The speculation has already begun, most of it on thoughts about where the series is headed. Capcom would be urged to return to anything that they've done prior to Resident Evil 6, their best bet being to revert back to where they were during the production of Resident Evil 4 - often praised as the best game of the whole lot.

No further information has been announced regarding a seventh numbered Resident Evil game, but a watchful eye must be kept on Capcom as a formal address is approaching inevitability - and it's likely being designed for the next-gen platforms.

Is Resident Evil 7's Capcom's chance to revive the series or have you already moved on? What do you want from the next game?

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