Resident Evil 7: Why Chris Redfield is Working for Umbrella

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One of the most shocking moments in Resident Evil 7 came at the very end of the game, when protagonist Ethan Winters is saved by a group of Umbrella agents. It's at this point that one of the Umbrella operatives reveals himself to be none other than Chris Redfield, leaving fans to wonder why the longtime series hero is now working with the evil company that he worked hard to bring down over the course of multiple games. With the release of the new Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC, we now know why Chris is working with Umbrella.

Those that want to experience the Not A Hero DLC for themselves should know that this article will have spoilers, but anyone just curious about why Chris is now working with Umbrella can read on. As players go through the DLC, they discover that Chris is actually wary himself about working with Umbrella, and he is not actually part of the organization. On the contrary, Redfield is still a member of the BSAA, but he has been contracted by Umbrella to handle this situation in Louisiana.

Umbrella is no longer the evil pharmaceutical company that created the T-Virus and caused numerous zombie outbreaks. Since the company was dismantled, some of its former employees decided to recreate it as a private military company with the goal of righting Umbrella's wrongs. This apparently occurred in 2007, meaning a "good" version of Umbrella has existed for at least 10 years in the Resident Evil universe.

Resident Evil 7: New DLC Screenshots and Story Details - Chris Redfield

Despite this version of Umbrella having existed for so long, Chris Redfield still doesn't trust them. He makes this clear to the person he is communicating with throughout the mission, but by the end of the DLC, it seems Chris has a change of heart as his Umbrella helper does help him survive the ordeal.

Having a benevolent version of Umbrella is a new twist for the Resident Evil series, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in upcoming games. However, if this version of Umbrella has existed since 2007 as revealed in this DLC, it's strange that it hasn't been brought up in past games like Resident Evil 5 and 6, which take place in 2009 and 2013, respectively.

Regardless of potential plot holes, it's clear by the Not A Hero DLC that this new Umbrella will play a big role in the series moving forward. Meanwhile, the new group Connection seems to be taking Umbrella's place as the evil corporation creating biological weapons, but we'll have to wait for future games like Resident Evil 8 to know for sure.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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