Resident Evil 7: Capcom Confirmed Chris Redfield Is Not A Trick

Resident Evil 7: Capcom Confirmed Chris Redfield Is Not A Trick - Chris Redfield helicopter monster

Ever since Capcom announced the Not A Hero story expansion for Resident Evil 7 would star Chris Redfield, some fans have theorized that it is an imposter due to his drastically altered appearance and apparent association with the antagonistic Umbrella Corporation. However, Capcom has now put those theories to rest, going on record to clarify that the Chris Redfield in the free Not A Hero content update is the real deal.

As explained by Resident Evil 7 director Koushi Nakanashi, Chris Redfield's change of appearance is due to the game's art style. Since Resident Evil 7 is shooting for photo realistic graphics, the absurdly muscular Chris Redfield seen in Resident Evil 5 and 6 would look out of place in the game world.

Capcom's explanation makes sense, especially when one considers that this isn't the first time Chris Redfield has gone through a dramatic change in appearance. Chris was originally an average-sized man, only to undergo a complete facial redesign and develop massive muscles when he was re-introduced to fans in Resident Evil 5. All things considered, Chris having a brand new look in Resident Evil 7 is consistent with how the character has been treated in past games.


Fans can rest assured knowing that the Chris Redfield in the Not A Hero DLC is the same Chris Redfield that once punched a boulder in a volcano, but his role in Resident Evil 7 is still a mystery. We aren't sure why he is now associated with the Umbrella Corporation; has Chris gone to the dark side, or is Umbrella now an entity dedicated to fighting bio-weapons instead of producing them?

Not A Hero will likely answer some of the questions we have about the new Chris Redfield, but other details may remain a mystery. However, the upcoming Resident Evil: Vendetta CG film, which stars Chris Redfield alongside Rebecca Chambers and Leon S. Kennedy, may shed additional light on the matter.

The Resident Evil: Vendetta CG film is releasing this summer, but the Not A Hero expansion should come earlier, slated for a spring release as a free content update for Resident Evil 7. For fans of the franchise concerned about Chris Redfield's new look and allegiance, hopefully some answers come with the Not A Hero expansion, the Resident Evil: Vendetta film, or the third set of Banned Footage DLC.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: Capcom

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