YouTube channel Censored Gaming creates a video that compares the US and Japanese versions of Resident Evil 7 to show how the game was censored in Japan.

When it comes to Resident Evil 7, the general consensus seems to be that Capcom has successfully returned the series to its horror roots, which it accomplished in a number of ways. One way that Capcom builds the game’s horror atmosphere is through the use of horrific violence and gore, but some fans may be interested in knowing that Resident Evil 7‘s Japanese release was toned down quite a bit when compared to its release elsewhere. Read on to learn some ways Resident Evil 7 was censored in Japan, but take note that this article will have some spoilers.

Showing decapitations or decapitated heads is taboo in Japanese media, so it’s understandable that one scene in Resident Evil 7 with a cop’s severed head has been altered for the Japanese release. When players are being tormented by Lucas Baker, the devilish family member behind the twisted birthday cake puzzle, he leaves the mutilated head of a cop in the refrigerator with a note on it that tells players where to go to find the snake key. In the Japanese release, players simply find a photograph of the cop with his face crossed out instead of his head.

When players go to find the snake key in the dissection room, where they find it is different depending on if they’re playing the US version or the Japanese release. In the US version, poor Ethan Winters has to stick his hand through the neck of the dead police officer. In the Japanese version, the snake key is simply lying on the stretcher next to the cop’s intact, but still mutilated, head.

Yet another case of censorship involving the cop happens at the time of his death, right before the garage boss fight with Baker family patriarch Jack Baker. While the cop is busy talking to Ethan, Jack sneaks up behind him, cutting his head in half with a shovel. In the US release, the top of the cop’s head slips off when Jack does this, but his head remains in one piece in the Japanese version.

The final case of censorship in Resident Evil 7‘s Japanese release doesn’t have to deal with the ill-fated police officer, but it still features a severed limb. Early on in the game, during the Mia boss fight, Ethan loses his hand to a chainsaw. When this happens, players are able to pick up their hand if they so wish, which is understandably covered in blood. The Japanese version still lets players pick up their severed hand, but the blood has been replaced with black ooze not unlike the ooze the Molded monsters are made up of.

Even though the Japanese version of Resident Evil 7 is censored, it doesn’t seem to be slowing the game’s worldwide sales. Capcom has recently shipped 500,000 more copies to retailers, with Resident Evil 7 on track of meeting its goal of shipping 4 million units by the end of March.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.