Publisher and developer Capcom reveals plans to release free DLC for all players of its forthcoming survival-horror title, Resident Evil 7, in the spring of this year.

Just a couple of days ago, Resident Evil 7‘s Season Pass details were revealed to show that fans will be privy to at least seven different DLC drops throughout the duration of 2017, as they are to be released in the form of two volumes of “banned footage” that contain three episodes each, as well as an additional story episode. Now, it seems as if Capcom is prepared to give all Resident Evil 7 fans a taste of the game’s post-launch content for free, as the video game publisher and developer is planning to release an add-on for the title at no additional cost in the spring of this year.

As initially reported by the Japanese outlet Famitsu, Resident Evil 7‘s free piece of content in the spring is called Not a Hero, but there haven’t been any further details about the DLC’s in-game aspects provided by Capcom, nor has there been an official launch date given for the add-on. Nevertheless, the NeoGAF user known as Dusk Golem has stepped up to share some potentially solid information for Not a Hero.


Should Dusk Golem be correct in their assertions, then not only will Resident Evil 7‘s Not a Hero DLC be coming out sometime in May, but also the first free piece of post-launch content for the title will not star the main game’s protagonist Ethan. According to the NeoGAF user, Not a Hero is to focus on a different character from Ethan in order to better flesh out gaps found in the story for the campaign, with the narrative in the DLC also linking to Ethan’s escape.

Furthermore, Resident Evil 7‘s free Not a Hero chapter is also supposed to supply a “different taste” in gameplay style compared to the base game, but Dusk Golem didn’t follow through with any details as to how it may be altered from the original title. With that being the case, it’s quite possible that Not a Hero might eschew the decision made by Resident Evil 7‘s developers to give the game a first-person perspective by shifting the view into a mode that’s more in-line with previous entries’ fixed-camera or third-person view.

While Capcom has yet to confirm any aspect of Not a Hero beyond its existence as a free piece of content, it’s safe to say that giving it out at no charge to fans will be met with a bountiful round of applause within the Resident Evil 7 community. Plus, since it was recently revealed that the main portion of the game only takes 10 hours to beat, most fans will surely be craving more content soon after its launch next week.

Resident Evil 7 is set to release on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.