Resident Evil 7 Video Shows Basement Slaughterhouse

Resident Evil 7 Video Shows Basement Slaughterhouse - Basement stairs

Capcom releases another gameplay video for Resident Evil 7, this time showing off new areas of the Baker family plantation, like a rec room and a basement slaughterhouse.

To build anticipation for next month's launch of Resident Evil VII, the first numbered entry in the series in five years, Capcom has released three new gameplay videos showing off various aspects of its gameplay. The first video teased the garage boss fight with Jack Baker, but the second focuses more on the game's exploration elements, giving players a look at different areas around the Baker family plantation, including a disturbing slaughterhouse in the basement.

Before getting to the basement, however, the new Resident Evil VII gameplay video shows Ethan Winters walking around a creepy, dusty old mansion. Most of the things he encounters are mundane, save for granny Baker sitting silently in a rocking chair in the corner of one upstairs hallway. She doesn't seem to pose a threat to players just yet, but one has to imagine that she will become more sinister as the game goes on.

Ethan then makes his way to a rec room, complete with a bar, a pool table, and hunting trophies mounted on the wall. Sitting on the bar counter is an old analog TV set, which does nothing in the video expect spit static at Ethan. The TV has a VCR hooked up to it, and in the actual game, players will likely be able to pop in the nearby VHS tape for one of the game's flashback sequences, but Ethan decides to ignore all of that in the video.


Instead he makes his way to basement stairs that lead to a white door, a scene that seems to be paying homage to a cut-scene from the original Resident Evil game. References to past games aside, Ethan discovers that the basement is actually a rather large slaughterhouse, which plays host to a trio of the "molded" monsters - failed Baker family experiments with slimy skin, claws, and faces made of fangs. Ethan attempts to fight these beasts at first, but then changes his mind, making a run for it deeper in the slaughterhouse.

As he explores the slaughterhouse, Ethan finds body bags hanging from the ceiling, not unlike the ones players can discover in the Midnight Version update for the game's Beginning Hour demo. Before we can find out if Ethan can interact with these body bags like the character can in the Beginning Hour demo, though, the scene jumps to a slaughterhouse pit, where Ethan comes face to face with Jack Baker yet again.

Presumably the start of the second boss fight encounter with Jack, this battle sees the Baker family patriarch shirtless and brandishing an axe. Unfortunately for Ethan, he is hacked to death with the axe, and the video fades to black. It appears those that want to see how Ethan is able to get himself out of this mess will have to wait for the full game to launch at the end of January.

Resident Evil VII will be available on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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