The first batch of Resident Evil 7 DLC is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4 later this month, several weeks ahead of PC and Xbox One players.

Despite many just now getting their hands on Resident Evil 7, Capcom has already decided to announce release dates for the game’s first set of downloadable content. However, the schedule may cause a bit of an upset for players, depending on what console they own.

The first bit of content, titled The Banned Footage Vol.1 DLC, will be available for PlayStation 4 owners first, with a release date of January 31 and priced at $9.99. PC and Xbox One owners will have to wait nearly a month later, February 21, which is sure to rile those ready to dive into new content. Given Resident Evil 7′relatively short length, that will be soon.

resident evil 7 season pass details

According to VG247, who gathered their information from Capcom, The Banned Footage Vol.1 DLC will include two new, chilling chapters and an extra mode.

The first chapter is “Bedroom”, which will place players in a locked room where they must escape without alerting Marguerite Baker. The second is appropriately titled “Nightmare” and will pit players against a relentless wave of gruesome enemies, tasking them to survive until morning.

The extra mode, “Ethan Must Die”, is separate from the story of the main game and is described by Capcom as “tough-as-nails”. It has also been noted it does not support PlayStation VR, unfortunately. If the name and description are any indication, it’s intended to challenge the more masochistic players out there.

On February 14, Banned Footage Vol.2 will reach the PlayStation 4. Again, this will drop before other systems. However, Xbox One and PC owners can grab the second collection of DLC at the same time as the first, on February 21. The content will set players back $14.99 and features two new VHS tape scenarios as well as another new game mode.


In “21”, players will play a deadly game with Lucas Baker, while “Daughters” gives a peek into the past, revealing what the Baker family was like before the events of Resident Evil 7.

The extra mode included in this volume will also be separate from the main story and employs a more comical approach, tasking players to feed Jack gobs of food before time runs out. While it appears more lighthearted, players should still expect some scares.

All this content will be included in the Resident Evil 7 season pass, which is $29.99. The pass will also include an added story episode, but Capcom has not announced a date for that as of yet.


Resident Evil 7 is killing it, so to speak, garnering fantastic reviews by various outlets. It’s certainly beating the pants off of the arguably mediocre, more action-focused Resident Evil 6 — making it clear that gamers are delighting in the series’ decision to go back to its roots.

Those just now jumping into this foray of fear will find our various guides helpful. Collectors can read up on where to find all of the game’s antique coins, or the various bobbleheads strewn about.

Anyone looking for more firepower should get their hands on the shotgun, which should aid them as they navigate the narrow hallways and dark, claustrophobic corridors of the horrific home of the Bakers.

The estimated time to complete Resident Evil sits somewhere around 12 hours, depending on how much of the game a player wishes to explore, so PlayStation 4 owners should be prepared for the first round of DLC when it launches next week. Sorry, everyone else.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.