Rumor Patrol: Viral Video Teases 'Resident Evil 6' Announcement

Resident Evil 6 Viral Video

After a pair of resume postings seemingly outed Resident Evil 6 at the end of November, things have been pretty quiet on the BioHazard front. Admittedly, Capcom has their hands full with a generous amount of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil: Revelations marketing; however, with neither title set to deliver a core Resident Evil surival-horror experience on consoles, it's only a matter of time before the publisher starts outing details on their next full-fledged installment.

As it happens, that time may be now - as a video, pointing fans to a suspiciously timely viral website, has hit the web.

The video is a mock Skype-like call from a terrified woman trying to reach (and find comfort from) her husband. While there aren't any "zombies" featured in the footage,  a link embedded in the video points to the date 1/19/2012 - the same date as Capcom's "Resident Evil Experience" in San Francisco. For anyone unfamiliar, "The Resident Evil Experience" is set to allow series fans an opportunity to go hands-on with both Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City as well as Resident Evil: Revelations and is expected to include at least one RE announcement.

Could that announcement be Resident Evil 6? Given the ethnicity of the woman in the video, coupled with reports that the next full Resident Evil title would take place in China, chances of an RE6 reveal look increasingly likely. Check out the teaser video below:


The video first appeared over a week ago (without subtitles) and was posted by user TForepaugh. In addition to the footage, the video also came accompanied by a link to the viral site - - which features video (again hosted by TForepaugh) and images of a set of mysterious graffiti markings (the primary symbol appears briefly at the very end of the viral video) showing up around the world.

At this point, the site appears primed for a bigger reveal - as the current content is pretty limited and only presents more questions than answers.

That said, without any official confirmation from Capcom at this time, it's certainly possible that the video (and website) are little more than an elaborate hoax - timed to coincide with "The Resident Evil Experience."


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Source: Capcom [via Kotaku]

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